There are several ways a person can achieve the perfect smile quickly and effectively. It is essential that they identify the type of damage which has occurred to their teeth prior to consulting with a dental professional. The length of time a person is willing to wait for results will directly impact which treatment option they select. Below are the most common ways to get the perfect smile.

Straight Teeth

Dental Implants

Patients with broken teeth, or that have been affected by gum disease or unexpected tooth damage often find implants to be beneficial in helping to return their smile. This treatment method allows for a molding to be taken of affected teeth for reconstructive purposes. The moldings can take several months to become set comfortably in the jaw line. Once they have set they are as strong and durable as real teeth.



Veneers are a form of strong tooth covering which can be used to protect cracked and damaged teeth as well as the surrounding area. This method of smile improvement can be used on several teeth in a row without complication. The moldings are simple to make and easily applied to affected areas patients will notice quick visual improvements. Patients who are saving a more permanent solution often find veneers be a fantastic temporary fix while waiting on their more permanent solutions.


Six Month Smile

Six Month Smile programs are a less invasive procedure which focuses on fixing the visual appearance of the most noticeable deformities in a person’s smile structure. Normally opted for by adults with irregularities in the smile, clear braces and 6 months’ time will have your teeth straight and looking good. Patients who are looking for a more time effective treatment option tend to find this procedure preferable to the more invasive traditional process such as braces.



Braces are the most widely known way of correcting various teeth related problems. Using metal wires in with of conjunction elastic bands can straighten teeth which have grown in crooked or have become damaged due to prior accidents. Braces also help with under and over bite issues. This treatment method is the most extensive, however, it also has an extremely high success rate. Consider getting braces from Mar Orthodontics for a straight smile that will have others doing double-takes as you smile their way.


Having a beautiful smile can become an important part of the formation of increased self-confidence and self-esteem. Depending on the needs of the patient there are both long term and sort term solutions to assist them in looking and feeling their best. Make sure to consider these options and speak and consult with a qualified dental professional before making a final decision. You will be all smiles after the fact.

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