It is a medical fact that around 600,000 people die in the United States every year from heart disease. A much scarier fact is that a deteriorating cardiovascular system or clogging of the arteries affects other critical organs, such as the liver and kidneys. While it can be difficult to reverse clogged arteries in some patients, high quality surgical techniques with instruments created by multi-layer extrusion can restore circulation in vital arteries.

Using Extrusions to Combat Heart Disease

Extrusion Tubes Have Many Uses in Medicine

Plastic tubes made of three or more layers of different materials have countless applications and are sometimes manufactured according to a custom order by a physician or medical establishment. These tubes can be used to transport drugs that are sensitive to light or temperature variation using materials that insulate or block certain frequencies of light. They are used externally and within the body as a surgical method.

Heart Disease is Treated Using Different Methods

Using an extrusion to mechanically open an artery seems like a miracle compared to techniques that might have been used a few decades ago. These methods involved transplanting healthy arteries from a donor or another part of the body and removing the effected section. This was time consuming and required the patient to spend days under sedation and with the chest open for several hours at least.

Surgery is Not Always Inevitable

Artery blockage generally is the result of years of eating a fatty diet while living a nonactive lifestyle. Even light cardiovascular exercise is sufficient to elevate circulation and help clear arteries. Eating a low fat diet can also prevent blockage by freeing the blood stream of unhealthy fats and cholesterol that contribute to blockage. Although some people cannot safely exercise, they can at least take care of their diet and take blood medications.

Using a Balloon When Exercise Fails

Sometimes a person does not know there is a problem until they have a stroke or heart attack. Sometimes the condition is diagnosed ahead of a crisis. Either way, the fast solution provided by medical science is to insert a tri-layer extrusion that is capable of being ballooned within a select part of its length. This pushes blockage aside and allows proper blood flow.

Thanks to modern multilayered plastic tubing, the surgical replacement of an artery section is now a last resort. It is safer for the individual and bring faster relief to organs to restore blood flow immediately. This is only possible with extrusions that exceed the requirements of the clinical application.

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