Understanding the Importance of Good Eye Care

Our eyesight is not only the most important of your five senses, but without proper eye examinations and care, the health in other parts of our bodies can suffer.

Our eyes are the way we perceive the world around us and communicate our thoughts and feelings. With our eyes, we are capable of sending unconscious social messages and communicate more about who we truly are. Maintaining optimal eye health is vital for an active lifestyle.

Good Appearance and Good Health
Good eye health plays a vital role in our outward appearances. When we feel good about ourselves, it shows in our eyes. Scheduling routine eye exams along with annual physical examinations helps to create an overall sense of being healthy.

A Child’s Life
Companies like All About Eyes know the importance of routine eye exams in children beginning around the age of 3. Oftentimes, children will start school, but due to poor vision, they do poorly. It isn’t because they don’t want to learn. It’s because they can’t see the blackboard! They may lose the desire to learn because they can’t see well enough. Eye examinations for youngsters is a must!

Windows to Our Bodies
Preventive maintenance is the key to good health from head to foot. Our eyes are the windows to our bodies. They are the one and only place where blood vessels can be seen in their natural state. With visual inspection, an optometrist can diagnosis many different maladies of the eyes such as retinal tumors cataracts and glaucoma. In addition, many other diseases can be effectively diagnosed simply by an eye examination including high blood pressure, diabetes and liver diseases.

Quality of Life
Struggling to see the television or read a book is frustrating. Good vision improves our athletic ability, driving skills and helps to improve our learning and comprehension abilities. Just think of all the ways we use our eyes! Almost every areas of our lives can be improved by maintaining healthy vision. With regular eye exams, you can be certain you aren’t missing out on the “little things” in life.

The Brain and Eye Connection
Healthy eyesight is imperative for healthy brain function. Consider that the optic nerve is connected to the brains, so it’s crucial that we maintain a healthy co-dependent relationship between the two of them.

We only have two eyes. Regular eye exams will allow us to see our beautiful world and all it has to offer.

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