Though it did not become a household name until the 1980s when personal computers became as prevalent as they are today, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) has been around for decades. Like the factory workers and musicians who use their fingers a lot, the main constituents of this syndrome are the typists. Checkout clerks were also a good candidate for CTS prior to the coming of the modern scanners as they had to manually “punch in” the prices of every item that was purchased by a client.

What causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

The Syndrome is mainly caused by the compression of the nerves passing through a tunnel in the wrist bones. General weakness, pin and needle sensation, stiffness of the fingers, as well as pain are some of inconveniences that are experienced by the affected group of people.

As sufferers discover when they pay a visit to a naturopathic clinic that is worth its name, it is better and easier to prevent CTS from occurring than curing it. For instance, if you work with a computer all day long or your normal job entails the regular use of your hands, it is recommended that you frequently stop and take some well spaced breaks. In addition to this preventive measure, you are advised to regularly perform some appropriate wrist and hand exercises. The majority of people exercise with Chinese massage balls.

Women in general get more affected by the said syndrome than men. Menopause, a woman’s monthly cycle and pregnancy are known to cause swelling in the tissues around the carpal tunnel and this eventually can lead to full blown Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Natural CTS treatment

1. Willow bark: Also referred to as the nature’s aspirin, Willow bark is helpful when it comes to easing the discomforts associated with CTS. A sufferer is advised to simply steep some pieces of the bark into a container of water for at least ten minutes and then straining the bark out and drinking the mixture as a tea.

2. Camomile: This herb has anti-inflammatory properties and is probably the best known natural pain reliever in the world. And since Carpal Tunnel Syndrome involves the nerves, it is a good reliever choice.

3. Pineapple or Bromelain: This safe to consume fruit is packed with anti-inflammatory properties and is also known to reduce swelling and pains, not forgetting that it makes a delicious treat for everyone.

4. Spices and Red pepper (cayenne): These contain anti-inflammatory and pain relieving compounds that can be internally consumed when added to a variety of foodstuffs. Some of the best known spices containing anti-inflammatory compounds and that are known to relieve CTS discomforts include; cumin, sage and turmeric.

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