Nearly 400 years before, there was a common belief that the sun was revolving around the Earth. And, it was only during the late nineteenth century that the uncivilized custom of bloodletting, which was once whispered to cure all forms of diseases, was ultimately called off. Thanks to improvements made in the disciplines of science, and medicine, which have actually paved the way for many latest inventions actually remodeling old exemplars, and greatly helped in transforming our general way of thinking. Hence, in the present age of advanced concepts of science, and medicine along with up-to-date technology, we would believe that a well organized agreement of the general health information would be present all over the world, but unfortunately that isn’t the case.

Beware of Wrong Recommendations

As a matter of fact, most of the present-day health suggestions are actually leading to an upsurge in health concerns. Many prominent health researchers are presently noting that all these health recommendations are frequently impelled by some of the leading medicinal companies whose major concern is just profits, not public health revival. So, we have spent some value time in compiling a list of top 5 myths related to general health that have clearly misguided common people over the years, and making an attempt to raise a common awareness regarding this major concern among the present world populace.

Myth 1: Human genetics decide whether they will catch up cancer or not

In general, “lifestyle” is actually the most decisive factor for whether you are going to get dangerous cancer disease, or not, in future, and obviously not your genetics. It is no doubt one major myth that has been widely accepted all over the globe. Just owing to the fact that your father or mother died from the hazardous cancer disease really doesn’t indicate that you will also get the same fate, but it all depends on your everyday lifestyle choices.

Unhealthy diet practice, poor lifestyle choices, and dearth of normal exercises play a vital role in the growth of several illnesses, including cancer, but not the genes!

Myth 2: To maintain good health condition, pursue the suggestions of the standard food pyramid

The fact is that following the common suggestions of the standard food pyramid is actually bad for maintaining a good health condition. The fundamental 1992 U.S.D.A. standard food pyramid had been developed based on the identical recommendation, and proportions for feeding cattle, and many other forms of domestic animals!

Myth 3: Exposure to sunlight leads to skin cancer

This is another terrible myth that has been in common belief from several years. The fact is that our body greatly needs exposure to sunlight. It has been scientifically proved that habitual exposure of our body to sun radiations could easily decrease the occurrence of cancer by nearly up to sixty-percent.

Myth 4: Humans become overweight due to their slow metabolisms

The proven fact is that only a small ratio of people around the globe actually have slow rate of normal metabolisms. Some of the latest researches have actually revealed that people who are overweight would have faster metabolisms.

Myth 5: We can obtain plentiful calcium and can build strong bones by consuming cow’s milk regularly

The fact is that cow’s milk is actually not intended for human use. It is a true fact that we are the only creatures on the whole planet earth to consume milk of other creatures. The truth is that cow’s milk is destined for only cows, not for humans. Some recent studies have revealed that everyday dairy consumption is one among the prominent factors that leads to almost 2 dozen illnesses of kids, and grown-ups.

On the whole, you are responsible for taking care of your good health, so try to be extremely watchful regarding the dubious health claims that are made by the leading pharmaceutical firms, and the media.

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Criss Derek is extremely watchful of him daily diet, and he also happens to be a New York Malpractice Lawyer who strongly encourages everyone to drag the dubious companies to the courts of law, because they often cheat the general public by making false claims about their products.

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