We’ve all had that unsightly or annoying patch of hair that no matter what we do, it comes back again and again. What is one to do when shavers, magical removal creams, and old-fashioned plucking gets cumbersome? Laser hair removal can help. Lasers revolutionized the practice of hair removal, replacing the long and grueling process of electrolysis. Here are a few top tips when considering laser hair removal.

Choose the Right Laser Center               

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right laser hair removal center. First, do they promote any certifications or specialized training? It is recommended to look for centers with highly trained staff that specialize in laser hair removal. Visit their website to learn more about what certifications the center has.  While you are there, look for client reviews to get a better idea about the customer service offered. Certifications and regulations for laser hair removal vary by location, so be sure to check what is common for your area.

Second, don’t be afraid to shop around. Most laser hair removal centers offer free consultations. These consultations give you an opportunity to get pricing estimates and an idea of the staff’s personality.

Know Which Laser is Best for Your Skin

There are different types of laser for different types of skin. Which laser is used depends on your skin’s complexion. Each laser has a different wavelength that works uniquely on specific skins tones and complexions. Knowing which laser is best for your complexion before a procedure or consultation gives you a better understanding of which will be right for your treatment areas.

The wrong lasers with the wrong frequency can lead to severe burns or pigment alteration of your skin. Burns can leave permanent scars, which can be devastating especially if the occur on highly visible parts of the body. Some treatment centers offer a variety of lasers while others just offer one general laser that adapts well to all skin types. Quality laser hair removal centers will be able to easily identify which laser treatment is best for you and your complexion.

Test Laser Treatments

One top tip is to do a test a treatment on a small, inconspicuous part of skin to see how your skin reacts and if there are any side effects. Most centers will recommend this as well, but if not, be sure to ask about it. Reactions and side effects vary from complexion and laser type. Most often the only side effects of laser treatments are redness, itching, and slight swelling and tenderness around the test area. Most of these side effects only last about three days.  If there is a change in skin pigmentation in the test area, a change in laser frequency may be required as this is a more serious side effect.

Remember that most complete removal of the hair typically is of process that requiring a few treatments over time. Keeping an eye out for these side effects throughout the treatment will help improve results.

Author Bio: Erika Potter is a freelance writer for Utah Cosmetic Surgery, the leading provider of laser hair removal and plastic surgery in Salt Lake City.

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