There are many things that can cause us to have a disruptive night’s sleep. This can be common in some people and in others happens very rarely, but regardless of frequency, even one night’s disturbed sleep can be enough to set us off kilter for the rest of the day.

There are many common causes for a bad night’s rest but many people have trouble sleeping because of loud noises. This can be very irritating and cause people to get stressed and then the worry you are feeling makes it even harder to sleep, especially if you have to get up early in the morning and you know your sleep allowance won’t be enough to work on all day without feeling tired. With this in mind, it is therefore wise to work on relaxing the mind and body as much as possible before sleep to help get in to the right frame of mind to do so.

Additionally, many people find that eating too late at night is problematic; drinking alcohol, caffeinated drinks, smoking or being too active before bed can also cause issues. Doing relaxing things like having a warm bath, doing some meditation or yoga, avoid using computers or watching television and reading quietly until drowsy have all been found to help get in to the right mind set for sleeping.

Working on addressing the noise problem itself is also a must, as stopping the noise at its source is the best way to ensure peace and quiet. Methods to try include attempting to block the noise with earplugs or playing some relaxing music or white noise to drown it out. If you can find out the cause of the noise then trying to prevent it may help, such as asking neighbours if they can turn down their television or going to sleep before a partner who’s snoring keeps you awake. Fitting soundproofing or double glazing could also be an option, especially if you live near a main road or busy throughfare, although this can be expensive and it would be wise to try other, alternative and cheaper methods first.

If the main noise keeping you awake is coming from a neighbouring property and you’ve tried to address the problem already by discussing with neighbours to no avail, then you could try sleeping in a different room to see if that helps. You may find that going to bed earlier perhaps before the noise starts might be beneficial as well, as you will be able to get to sleep before the noise starts.

There are quite a few things that you could try out and it is worth having a go to see whether they make a difference. We all know that sleep is very important and anything that disturbs it can be unhealthy for us and lead to poor performance and productivity at home and at work, so finding the right solution is a crucial thing to do to get the maximum rest time for your body.

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