A few days ago, Doug Leddin, a young digital marketer from Ireland,  posted a random YouTube video in which he told the world in a very emotional way about how, for the past ten years, he has been suffering from intense depression.

Leddin told that he had been living a dual personality in all these years.

depression video 1

Suffering a mental illness or sharing our problems is deemed as something awkward and has a stigma attached to it. This makes people languish in their suffering for so long. Leddin broke the shackles and took so much off his chest.

The results? The video has got more than 1.5 million views. Leddin has been making headlines. He is invited by TV channels and radio shows.

Leddin says that depression is a lot more than feeling sad momentarily. It is not about the bad feelings we as humans experience almost daily. It is an incessant feeling of doom; it is feeling sad even when everything in your life is going right. Life apparently seems normal but you cannot feel or experience those moments.

“Having depression is not breaking an arm, where you go to hospital and get it fixed, it is a lot deeper than that,” thinks Leddin.

Leddin says that depression is a lot different than other problems. When you get hurt physically people rush to help you. But when you share your inner anxieties or depression, you feel alienated. And the problem about depression is that there is actually no clear cut cure except talking about it. The battle with depression is practically never ending.

You can find Leddin’s complete story on his Facebook page.

depression video 2

See Doug Leddin’s video here and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.




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