Some weight loss stories are so iconic and moving that they deserve to be in the textbooks of motivation, health and fitness. Such is the story of Reddit user Danny, who lost 140 pounds, and now helps other people to get fit. Danny’s before and after pictures on Reddit garnered thousands of views and comments within hours of posting. Seriously, I cannot believe my eyes when I see the before and after body and especially the face of Danny. No wonder they say that fat hides the real person inside you. You have to get rid of it to reveal the true beast that is you. You cannot let those ugly pounds hide the true you.

Danny’s height is 5 feet and 9 inches, he used to weight 312 pounds, when he decided he had “enough of being obese”. Just look at these photos and share your awe in the comments below.


dannygets fit 2

Just look at this face and body, and remember!

According to Danny, he used to be bullied at school because of his looks. So he retreated back to his room, spending most of his time playing video games, and binge eating. Things went on like that for four years, until Danny decided to change his life. What started as an effort to lose a few pounds turned into a life changing project. Danny was going to never be the same again. He decided to go to the gym.

Initially, it was a  “typical bro split of one body part a day, 5 days a week,” says Danny. Just imagine this guy with this weight doing exercise in the gym, in front of everyone. And remember this story next time you feel goosebumps on thinking about going to the gym.

dannyget fit 3

dannyget fit 4

dannyget fit 5

dannygetfit 6

The first weight loss milestone for Danny was far from being enough. He decided to keep doing what he was doing.

He started to get some loose skin, which he decided to convert into muscle mass. He triggered full throttle inside him and started spending more time in the gym.

danny 8

danny 7

Today, Danny has a personal trainer certificated .He gets happy everytime he sees himself in the mirror.

danny 13 danny 12

Dressing for Danny has become interesting now, unlike his past when he used to get sad seeing almost no size fit for him.

danny 11

danny 10 danny 9

Check out Danny’s Facebook page and YouTube channel where he shares weight loss tips and motivation.

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