Firstly, what do you mean by health? Why should you be concerned about your health? Health is nothing but a level metabolic and functional efficiency of living organism. A person is said to be healthy if he is free from diseases, illness or pain. Health or healthy is related to not only living organisms but also can be referred to healthy community, healthy city and so on. Health is considered as the real wealth of the being. It is popularly said that if you don’t have wealth you can survive but if you don’t have health you can’t survive or do anything in the world.

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Health can be classified into two categories

  • Physical health and
  • Mental health

Let us see each of them step by step.

Physical Health

How can you physically maintain your health? As soon as you hear this question you think of “Gym”, Am I right? Then let me tell you some more interesting ways by which you can be physically healthy.


This is the easiest and the best way to be healthy both physically and as well as mentally. Yoga mainly depends on several positions and pressure points that has to be carried out or done by our body, which can relief physical pressures, mental pressures and make you feel relaxed. As it can be done anywhere whether at home, garden or any place it is friendly to the people and mostly accepted by many peoples all over the world. Just 10-15 mins of yoga every morning can make you feel fresh and relax throughout your day.


To feel healthy is really a good thought but to look healthy is the best that anyone can wish for, and for that huge number of people hit gyms all over the world. The gym is a good option not only for the youngsters but to all the ages. Joining a gym can not only make you healthy but also can make you muscular and a good looking guy and you don’t need any additional accessories for joining a gym, just you should have a pair of extra wide shoes for men online and some relief spray (in case you hurt yourself), and to purchase these things you need not go out in that summer hot Sun and during winter just select and purchase it online.

Jogging or Walking

The best way to remain healthy is just run or walk for some time every morning or evening and stay healthy, as it reduces cholesterol problems, heart and heart related problems and much more. And while doing so you can feel that your feet might be in pain, in this case you can treat your feet with athletes foot powder treatment which is available for you online or any place.

Mental Health

Mental health refers to psychological well being or absence of mental disorder. World Health Organization (WHO) describes mental health as “a state of well being where one can individually realize his or her own abilities and can work properly and can cope up with the daily life stresses. Mental health may include an individual’s ability to enjoy his life and maintain a stable balance between his work and life activities, so mental health can be more properly and further defined as an expression of emotions.

How can you have a good Mental health?

  • As mentioned earlier yoga is the best thing that anyone can do to have the best mental health as well as physical health.
  • You can also do/perform meditation to have peaceful and tension free mind.
  • Have proper diet, don’t neglect food for your work i.e., don’t give work more preference than food or your health.


Maintain both physical and mental health so that you can have a good life and enjoy every moment of your life without any tension or problems by just following above stated ways to stay healthy and fit.

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