Why is it important to use natural makeup remover over other types? That answer is simple, most of the time your regular makeup removers have a lot of unnecessary chemicals in them.

Those chemicals can wreak havoc on your skin. It can dry your face out, clog your pores, and cause itching and pimples.

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The chemicals can make your face miserable and possibly bring about wrinkles a lot faster than if you use more natural skin care items. Who wants to deal with that mess?

Natural makeup remover doesn’t have all the extra junk that can damage the sensitive skin on your face and especially near your eyes. In fact, natural makeup remover can remove the makeup and leave your skin healthy. You probably have the required stuff right in your kitchen or bathroom to remove your makeup naturally right now. So stop wasting your money on that other stuff and do what is better for your skin. Your face will surely thank you for it!

For removing foundation, why not try washing your face in warm water and an organic soap? Keep in mind though that if the water is too hot it can cause dryness. Do not blame the soap and water. There is nothing in the soap to cause your skin to dry out. To prevent dryness in case your water is too warm simply use Aloe Vera or another kind of moisturizer.

Eye makeup, eye shadow, mascara, and eyeliner are a little harder to remove and simply using soap and water won’t help you. Try using a little bit of olive oil instead. It’s an all-natural ingredient that won’t dry the sensitive skin around your eyes. If you don’t like that your eyes feel a little oily after use then simply rinse your eyes with warm water and again, add the moisturizer to prevent dryness. If the oil idea is simply too gross, try getting all natural witch hazel. It will remove eye makeup and won’t burn your eyes and it’s also good to use to clean your entire face.

Another natural product to try on your eyes, especially if you’re worried about wrinkles, and don’t want to waste your hard earned cash on expensive anti-wrinkle creams. Go shopping in the baby isle instead. Baby oil or baby shampoo can help fight the battle we all have with wrinkles.

Almond milk is a good all-around makeup remover. Just put a little on a cotton ball and wipe your face in a circular motion. It won’t dry your face at all but you do need to keep in mind, if your makeup is on kind of thick you may have to use it a few times to ensure your face is clean.

Want your face to feel refreshed? Turn a cucumber into a paste by cutting it and adding a little water. Apply the paste it removes the makeup and your skin will feel fabulous.

Think about it; if those chemically made products worked so well, why do you think so many women have tried to find more natural care products? They all realized they were causing damage to their face and wanted to find a better way to remove their makeup without all the gross stuff.

Your face is the first thing people see. Don’t you think you should take care of it, naturally?

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