Supporting Your Child Through Cancer Treatment

Supporting Your Child Through Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a horrible disease that could potentially affect any one of us at any time, however that doesn’t mean that when it happens to you or someone you know, it isn’t a shock. It’s even worse when it strikes one of your close loved ones, like your child. Often, the shock puts people into panic or survival mode, which is entirely natural but not necessarily the best way to be.

If you’re in the unfortunate position of supporting your child through cancer treatment, it’s important to take a calm, measured approach to the situation. Of course you’ll be upset and fearful, but try to have moments of sadness in private. For now, it’s all about your little guy or girl.

First things first, let them feel their emotions. If they are angry or sad, let them shout. They have a right to. Similarly, if they seem overly happy or full of laughter, embrace it. Don’t think that they shouldn’t feel this way… who has the right to determine what they should feel? Any joy they can gleam from the situation is precious, so encourage it.

Secondly, don’t assume you know best. Think about it – you’re both entirely new to this situation, so how do you know you’re right and your child is wrong? If they want to play with a bucket and spade in the sand, let them. If they feel like having a rest day, just watching movies and eating their favourite foods, encourage that. Your main goal should be to help them get better, yes, but it’s also about making them feel as comfortable as possible during the treatment process.

Lastly, be honest with your child. If you’re not sure about their chances, do be positive an upbeat, but it’s also important not to let them become scared of death. Depending on your religious beliefs, you may want to take this time to educate them about heaven. Try making reference to pets or family members they may have lost, explaining that they might be waiting for them, should their time be up. This will be ridiculously difficult but as a parent, you must remain selfless and think about what’s going to make your child feel happiest.

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