Do you keep sitting on your chair, couch or sofa uselessly surfing the internet, watching those cat videos and GIFs? Do you experience nature and greenery once in a blue moon? It’s time to wakeup and change your habits. I am sure you must be aware of the benefits of being in the nature and greenery, but a new study has revealed some amazing benefits of greenery. A study conducted at Environmental Health Perspectives says that living near greenery or nature helps you live longer. That means you can actually increase your life span and health by living in or near greenery.

The research included questionnaire replies from no less than 108,630 women over the period of 8 years (from 2000 to 2008). The data was regarding health, lifestyle and environment. During the research period, around 8,604 women out of those tracked by the researchers died. The researchers tracked the women who lived for a variety of metrics like living environment, weight, body mass, smoking, habits and diet.

Satellite equipment was used to track the location and movement of the women involved in the research.

The results were amazingly surprising.

Women who lived near the 250 square meter area of greenery lived longer than the women who lived somewhere away from this radius or area span. In other terms, the mortality rate for the women living near greenery is 12% lower than those living away from greenness.

The research also shows that living near greenery lowers the chances of death from respiratory problems by 34% and those of death by cancer by no less than 13%.

However, greenery does not affect chances of strokes, heart diseases, infections and some other terminal problems.

life in greenery

Peter James, a research associate and the lead author of this groundbreaking study suggests that instead of panicking or rushing to move to the countryside, you could increase the life span by planting more greens, tress and vegetables around you.

Tell us what do you think of this study and let us know if you want to add anything to the story.

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