Track athlete exploding out of the starting blocks ** Note: Slight blurriness, best at smaller sizes

All people are born differently. Some people are meant for a life of research. Some people are meant for a life of educating. Some people are meant for a life in sports. If you’re considering what you were born to do, here are some signs that you were born to live a life in athletics.

1. You Love Sports

Are you the type of person who would rather go to a basketball game than a movie? Does your ideal Sunday consist of beer, wings, and football? Do you know the players on teams that you don’t root for?

Sports are exciting and encouraging. They also demonstrate a large amount of skill, so it’s easy to see why people enjoy them. However, do you take it one step further? Many people enjoy sports. Are you the type that loves it? If you are, you may be an ideal candidate to spend a life in athletics.

2. You Enjoy Travel

The United States is a beautiful and diverse country. Many people don’t get the opportunity to see all of the amazing places that the country has to offer. Some people don’t really care to travel and see all of the sites. However, if you do, a life in sports may be for you.

One aspect of a life in sports is that you may need to travel. A lot. Teams must travel from city to city for games and other events. It can be exhausting and nobody likes airport security. However, you will also see a lot of amazing places.

3. You See Yourself Turning it Into a Career

What do you want to do with your life? Could you see yourself being an athlete or a coach? Consider getting a degree to help you break into the sports industry professionally. There are a variety of career choices in sports that aren’t as an athlete. Obviously most will want to go the professional athlete route if possible, but if that’s not in the cards, you could make a career as an athletic trainer, athletic director, coach, sports journalist, and more.

Attending an athletic coaching school or earning a degree in sports administration are great ways to set yourself apart. You will create the conditions for a career in what you love. You will be able to guide individual athletes to achieve their goals and help an entire team succeed.

4. You Like to Win

Are you competitive? Do you need to win? A person in sports can’t have a laid back attitude toward winning. You need to want to win, and you need to know how to do it. There are no participation awards in real sports.

Enjoy your career. If you consider yourself a “sports” person, you should consider a career in a field that you love. Don’t go to work in an office. Work at a field.

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