allergy solutionsThanks to a mild winter across most of the country, seasonal allergies are expected to reach an all time high this summer. There is nothing worse than trying to get through the day with irritated, itchy eyes, constant sneezing, and a sore throat. Luckily, there are a few allergy solutions that can help improve your quality of life this allergy season.

First, here are a few interesting facts regarding allergies. Allergies can be inherited through your parents, but children typically aren’t affected by seasonal allergies until around age 5. If one parent has allergies, children have a 33 percent chance of also having allergies – the percentage increases to 66 percent if both parents have allergies. Allergy symptoms usually tend to get worse through a person’s 20s and 30s, and generally fade away at age 70 or 80.

As pollen counts for cedar, oak, birch and cottonwood trees increase to “extra high” levels across the country, one of the best things you can do to combat your allergies is to make sure your inside environment is free from irritating allergens that are the source of a lot of discomfort. The good news is that there are several products available on the market that will help you make your life during allergy season a whole lot easier.


Be Aware of How Can Allergens Enter Your Home

If you have severe sensitivities to airborne allergens outdoors, you’ll want to pay extra attention to how they might be entering your home so you can keep your home an allergy-free solitude. Even though you might not even spend much time outdoors during the day, even just a few minutes outside can cause allergens to attach to your clothing. When you come, be sure to always change your clothing to make sure you aren’t exposed to those allergens the rest of the night. Also, make sure your windows and doors have proper sealing in place so that allergens aren’t unknowingly entering your home through small cracks. You’ll also want to wash your bedding more often than normal to make sure irritants aren’t lurking where you don’t want them to be.

Whole Home Electric Air Cleaners

The science behind this allergy busting technology is actually quite fascinating. According to the EPA electric air cleaners, “use electrostatic attraction to trap charged particles. Ion generators disperse charged ions into the air, and these ions attach to airborne particles, giving them a charge so they attach to nearby surfaces such as walls or furniture. With the ions attached, these particles settle faster.”

These systems basically turn polluted, dirty air into magnets that are drawn to strategically installed plates throughout the home. Instead of the allergens settling in your sinus and lungs, they are filtered away safely leaving your home with fresh and clean air. These systems can usually be installed along with your heating and air conditioning system, and create long-lasting, clean air throughout your home.

Helpful Over-The-Counter Medications

If you don’t have the option of getting your hands on a an electric air cleaner right away, you can still turn to several effective over-the-counter medications that can help eliminate the effects of the allergens you come in contact with. Taking antihistamines in the morning (make sure they are non-drowsy!) can help with congestion throughout the day. You can also look into using a saline nasal spray or rinse to make sure the irritants are staying in your respiratory system. Oral decongestants are another option to help you breathe easily throughout the day. If your eyes are red and itchy from allergies, look into getting some antihistamine eye drops.

Author Bio: Erika Potter is a freelance writer for Air Design Heating and Cooling, the largest provider of HVAC services in Utah.

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