For many of us, looking our best can help us feel our best. Diet, exercise, lifestyle choices, and fashion can all contribute to improving and maintaining your appearance. If these methods just aren’t getting it done for you, fear not – there may be a medical solution. In this article we’ll discuss 6 medical advancements that can help improve your appearance in the quest to look your best.

1.      Cosmetic dentistry

An attractive smile can open doors in both your personal and professional life. Unfortunately, not all of us were graced with perfect, pearly teeth. From whitening and fillings to veneers and dental implants, cosmetic dentistry has become more common and affordable than ever. They aren’t just for looks either. “We now know that inflammatory bacteria from the mouth can enter the bold stream and impact other areas such as the heart,” explains cosmetic dentists at Sierra Dental in Calgary.

2.      Hair replacement

Hair loss can be an unpleasant and demoralizing experience. Recent advancements in hair replacement surgery could ensure that you no longer suffer the pain of hair loss. Gone are the days of obvious, unattractive hair plugs. Modern hair replacement surgery can give you back your confidence by transplanting your own naturally-growing hair.

3.      Hair removal

Some people’s appearances might be improved by putting hair back on, but others have the desire to have hair taken off. If you feel that excess body or facial hair is keeping you from looking your best, laser hair removal may be the answer. As an alternative to shaving, laser hair removal has a number of advantages including long-term effects and lessened discomfort.

4.      Laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery can help you see better – and if you hate the way your glasses make you look it can also help you look better. Advancements in corrective vision surgery mean that it can now be a viable option for multiple types of vision impairment.

5.      Endoscopic facial rejuvenation

New methods of facial rejuvenation can help regain a youthful appearance. This technique allows cosmetic procedures to be made with a few tiny incisions instead of the much larger ones required by more traditional methods.

6.      Tumescent liposuction

No matter how hard you work to lose weight, there’s no guarantee that you’ll lose it in the areas that you want. Fortunately, advancements in liposuction procedures have resulted in safer and more effective treatments than were possible before.

For many of us, a medical solution is the last resort when it comes to looking better. Recent advancements in medical technology such as the ones discussed above have made pursuing cosmetic treatments safer, easier, and more effective than ever before.

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