Living a healthy lifestyle is an investment of time and money but is worth both in the long run. Regular dental work, physicals, eye screenings, and mammograms are essential to maintain a clean bill of health. Along with that, investing in both a gym membership and a healthy diet will also help people live to their fullest potential.

Dental Work

Going to the dentist is usually not anyone’s idea of a fun time, but it is quite possibly one of the most important preventative health habits that a person can begin. “We emphasize preventative dentistry in our work,” explains Saddleback Dental Centre dentists in Edmonton, Ab. A dental check-up should be done every six months, in which the dentist will observe the health of both a patient’s teeth and gums. This wards off potential problems and also allows dentists to catch problems at an early stage if they exist.

General Physicals

Everyone should subject themselves to a physical every two years between the ages of 30-40 and annually after the age of 50. These visits will check for things such as vital signs, medical history, and any abnormalities with a patient’s heart, lungs, or abdomen.

Eye Screenings

Regular eye exams are also an example of a health investment that will pay off later, even if a person believes he or she has perfect vision. Not only will an eye doctor check for changes in a person’s prescription, but he or she will also make sure there is no sign of common eye diseases, such as Glaucoma.

Mammograms/Pap Smears

For women, an annual mammogram after the age of 40 is a health investment that could be a lifesaving procedure. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women, comprising 25% of new cases in 2012. Due to this fact, getting regular checks is the key to early detection and treatment if necessary.

Gym Membership

An often overlooked health investment is a gym membership. Relying on the outdoors for exercise is great, but having a gym membership to keep workouts consistent even in inclement weather is essential to living a healthy lifestyle.

Fruits and Vegetables

Finally, investing more money at the grocery store for high quality fruits and vegetables will promote the maintenance of a healthy weight for the entire family. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and items with sufficient protein to stay full. A healthy diet starts in the grocery store!

Following these six tips will help in the fight to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Regular dental work, physicals, eye screenings, and mammograms are essential preventative care while purchasing a gym membership and fresh foods help keep an entire family on a healthy path. Staying healthy is an uphill battle, but these tips will help along the way.

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