Older adults must make health and wellness one of their top priorities starting at age of 55 in order to sustain their quality of life. Today high-quality health care services are available for seniors with complex health issues that require specialized medical professionals. However, most seniors must remain proactive with their health care checks in order to benefit from today’s medical advances. A Salt Lake Social Security Disability Lawyer says staying on top of physical health can help you financially as well. Here are seven health checks to look at after age 55.
Seven Health Checks to Look at After Age 55
Testing for Colon Cancer
Colon cancer occurs in the large intestine or the rectum. People over the age of 55 should schedule a colonoscopy if they have not already had one. Doctors can effectively treat colon cancer if there is an early diagnosis so early checkups are important!

Testing for Prostate Cancer-Men
Men over the age of 50 should schedule a screening for prostate cancer. Prostate cancer forms in the prostate gland just below the bladder and is only found in men. As men age, their prostate becomes larger and their risk of prostate cancer increases.

Testing for Lung Cancer
Any smokers over the age of 55 need to discuss their smoking history with their doctors. Smoking history will tell doctors if they need to schedule yearly low-dose CT scans. Doctors may schedule the scan for anyone who quit smoking in the past 15 years.

Testing for Breast Cancer-Women

Women who are 55 or older should schedule a mammogram every two years. Women 55 or older whose breasts look or feel different should immediately report those changes to their doctors.

Cervical Cancer-Women
Women 55 or older should also schedule an HPV test and a pap test every five years. If there is no risk of HPV, women should schedule a pap test every three years. Cervical cancer affects the uterus and begins to develop in the cells lining the cervix.

STD/STI Screening
Men and women who are sexually active with multiple partners after the age of 55 should receive routine testing for STDs and STIs. Studies show that sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise for those over the age of 55.

Immunizations and Physicals
Anyone over the age of 55 should receive yearly immunizations for influenza. Healthy adults over the age of 55 should schedule routine physicals every one to five years, then once a year after the age of 65. The recommendation for comprehensive eye exams is every two years, then once a year after the age of 60.

As people get older, their mental and physical abilities begin to decrease. Unfortunately, HealthyPeople.gov reports that less than 20 percent of seniors get enough strength training or physical activity to maintain their quality of life. Luckily, those numbers can dramatically decrease by employing some simple, healthy lifestyle changes.

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