As a parent, you want to set a good example of your kids. One of the best ways to do this is by teaching proper health habits. The youngest a kid masters a healthy habit the longer they’ll keep it. It’s not just about doing things. It’s about doing them consistently. These are five night-time routine tips for lifelong health that you should teach your kids.

Turning off electronics 

Our bodies need to wind down in order to fall asleep, and that can be difficult with the glare of phone and television screens. To help your kids fall asleep faster, set up a policy of turning off electronics at least an hour before bed. If they aren’t sleepy yet, look for non-electronics activity they can take part in. This could be reading, working on a jigsaw puzzle, or getting their schoolwork ready for the next day.

Healthy dessert 

Kids can have big appetites. If they’re still hungry after dinner, don’t head straight for the cookies or ice cream. Look for healthy alternatives that will still satisfy their appetites. This could be fruit, pretzels, or peanut butter crackers. Cucumbers and tomatoes with lime and salt give you a salty crunch without breaking out a bag of chips.

Oral health 

The health of your teeth and gums is incredibly important. To put your kids on a path to success, make sure they’re following a proper oral health routine. This means they should be brushing and flossing properly. Simple daily tasks like mouthwash, flossing and brushing is the key for oral health. These simple daily tasks are the best way to prevent more intrusive dental procedures when they’re older. You may be able to prevent a future tooth extraction, crown, cavities by keeping teeth healthy today and avoiding infections and bacteria from flourishing.

Consistent bedtime 

An inconsistent sleep schedule is a major problem for anyone, but it’s especially bad for children. They need to be getting the same amount of sleep every night. A consistent bedtime helps keep up a good sleep routine. When they’re going to bed at the same time each night, it’ll be much easier for them to fall asleep.


It can be hard to fall asleep when your thoughts feel like they’re running around with no directions. With meditation, your kids can learn how to calm their minds. Before bed, sit with them for 10 minutes a time. Observe your breath with them and see how your thoughts are calmed. Kid oriented guided meditation can help kids learn how to wind down and are also a good tip for managing anxiety and reducing tantrums.

Kids are incredibly impressionable, and you should make the most of this by giving them habits that they’ll keep with them. Routines become easy to adapt to with time, and with enough patience, your kids won’t need to be reminded. Health is too important to take for granted, and it’s crucial to teach your kids that.


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