Ever wondered why healthcare costs are so high in the US? Why is it so hard to get the basic medical facilities without worrying about burgeoning bills and insurance riddles? Meet Dr. David Belk, a professional who has spent the past 5 years in revealing the dirty little secrets of the American healthcare industry. He is currently going an AMA on Reddit and boy oh boy! People are going haywire after the things Dr. Belk revealed.

Here’s the crux of all this: All those hefty medical bills are a scam. The actual costs not even come close to what you are billed. According to Dr. Belk, he collected years of data from the US hospital and did all the calculations. It turns out that bills are fabricated. Insurance companies have secret deals with the medical centers to bill a fix amount under the insurance section.

For example, if your bill shows $50000 to be paid, it will have around $40,000 covered under insurance and the rest of the amount to be paid by you. Do you really think your insurance company pays $40,000? Never!

bill 1 bill 2 bill 3 bill profit

And yet hospitals are making billions of dollars of profits every quarter. Why? Because the actual costs experience by hospitals are nothing as compared to what they are piling.

Five years ago, Dr. Belk decided to unravel all the hullabaloo around the healthcare costs. He compiled all the receipts of his patients and started working on the collection of data and research.

So if insurance companies aren’t paying the hospitals, and you aren’t paying the amount written under the insurance tag, where is this big money going? The answer, according to Dr. Belk, is that the money is imbibed by a strong network of pharmaceutical companies, doctors, pharmacies and top managers. No wonder the pharmaceutical companies are making billions every year.

Check out Dr. Belk’s Reddit AMA where he is answering to the most pressing questions about our healthcare system. The doctor has made a website where you can untangle the mystery of our system. You can see records, charts, bills’ details, and money making secrets of big players in the industry.

You can also watch a video in which Dr. Belk explains the crux of his work.

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