You see them on adverts on TV, magazines, billboards, radio and the internet. You see women do it every night. Drugstores have shelves line with different brands and products bearing the advantages and effects of it. Now as a man, you’re asking “ what is the fuss about exfoliation? Do I need it?” the answer is yes. If you want to have a healthy glowing skin, then go with the flow.

What Is Exfoliation And Why Do Men Need It?

Wrinkle Treatment

Exfoliation is the process of scrubbing and removing off dead skin cells to reveal a fresher and younger skin. This shedding process unclogs the skin pores and keep the skin clean. It also helps in reducing acne breakouts and skin blemishes. Usually, this is the first step in cleansing and then followed by washing the face with soap or facial cleanser and finally, moisturizing. The thing is, most men use plain, hotel grade soaps or oil reducing soaps. Yes, it leaves your skin clean but experts say it’s not the best in keeping your skin healthy. Bar soaps tend to dry out your skin because it removes the natural oils when you use it. Some of the soap’s ingredients can sometime clog pores that can lead to rougher skin. Exfoliation also exposes the face’s hair follicles that will allow for a much cleaner and closer shave. A smooth shave prevents skin irritation and nicks from happening.

Part by Part Exfoliation

Nature has made man to be hairy. Hair traps dirt, oil, sweat and grime. For men, the three main parts that need regular exfoliation are the face, back and chest. You can try exfoliating your feet and hands but it is not as essential as the three main areas.

1. The Face. Your facial skin is different from a woman’s facial skin. Men’s skin has larger pores, more hair, more collagen and elastin, denser blood vessels and it has more sweat glands. With these factors, a man’s face is like a magnet for dirt and grime. A good facial exfoliation begins with a good cleanser/Foamer. These cleaners usually contain granulated pumice, sea salts, fruit seeds, grounded fruit rinds, alpha-hydroxy acids and salicylic acids. These ingredients loosen and breaks off dead skin cells. It can also help in collagen formation and one one of the best wrinkle treatment. To get the most out of your chosen cleanser, try using the following techniques of application:

a. Exfoliating gloves. Most women use this reusable nylon glove, but it will also work on you. Put them on and softly rub the cleanser on your face. The massaging motion will also enhance circulation and will help open up pores.

b. Sponge. A loofa or an abrasive sponge works the same as the nylon gloves but it has the ability to whip the exfoliating cleanser into a richer lather that will get deeper into the layers and skin pores.

c. Pumice soap. It is a bar of soap that has granulated volcanic ash that scrubs hard. The only thing about pumice is that it requires a fair amount of scrubbing to get a good lather going for you.

d. Exfoliating mask. It is a plaster-like mix that goes on your face as a liquid goo. It hardens and then peels off to remove the dead skin cell, whiteheads, blackheads and dirt. It is somewhat a girly solution and a little pricey but it does a thorough cleansing.

2. The Back And Chest. Exfoliating the chest and back is not that hard and not nearly as complicated as cleaning your face. This process requires you to be in the shower because you don’t want the cleansers dripping on your floor. Here are the steps in exfoliating your back and chest.

a. Shampoo your hair to remove the dirt and grime.

b. Grab a sponge or loofah and then apply your preferred exfoliating cleanser, make a lather and then gently scrub over your back in circular motions.

c. Don’t hesitate to thoroughly scrub your back. This area can take it and it will help you remove all the zits and pimples that has built up since you were a teenager.

d. After cleansing your back, scrub your chest, shoulders and stomach just like what you did on your back but scrub it gently because the skin in this area is more sensitive.

e. An exfoliating glove will work well for your legs. It is less abrasive and go in and around tough to reach areas.

3. Hands and Feet. You don’t need to exfoliate your feet and hands regularly but if you a calloused hand, then you can do it. This will help in removing those cracked, rough and thick skin off your hands. A pumice stone will do but mixing sea salt with lemon juice will do the job better.

Gently rub the salt and lemon mix to your hands and rub slowly and gently. Do the same mixture to your feet. It can help in removing cracked heels.

It doesn’t take a lot of work in exfoliating your body. You can do it daily or every other day. Have a routine going but take note that too much scrubbing will irritate your skin and take off the natural oils your skin need. It may take a bit of effort to get used to the process but the best part is you have to worry less about acne, flaky skin or wrinkles.

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