Medical marijuana is quickly becoming mainstream across the USA. Currently, 33 states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for dozens of medical conditions including fibromyalgia and MS. If you’re considering using medical marijuana for the first time, then you probably have many questions you want addressed. Below, we’ll go over five essential tips all first-time marijuana users should know. 

Conditions That Could Benefit From Medical Marijuana

Whether or not patients can apply for medical marijuana depends on the laws governing their state. A few of the most common conditions medical marijuana is approved for are as follows: 
• Chronic pain/Fibromyalgia 
• Crohn’s disease 
• Cancer 
• Multiple sclerosis 
• Epilepsy 
• Post-traumatic stress disorder 

There’s currently debate over whether medical marijuana is beneficial for glaucoma patients, especially after a new Indiana University study showed that CBD oil could increase intraocular pressure scores. A few other conditions that medical marijuana could be beneficial for include autism, depression, and bipolar disorder. 

It’s best to check what patients can legally claim medical marijuana in your state. 

How to Take Medical Marijuana

There are benefits and drawbacks associated with how you choose to ingest medical marijuana. The most popular method of marijuana consumption, of course, is to smoke a joint. Smoking marijuana is good for people in need of quick pain relief, but you’ll pay for that “high” with a sharp decline. Smoking marijuana could also harm your lungs with prolonged use and isn’t recommended for anyone with respiratory issues like asthma. 

The safest way to take medical marijuana is to eat it in food or swallow it in a capsule form. A nice feature of eating marijuana is that it usually gives patients sustained relief throughout the day rather than a quick “high.” 

Another popular method of ingesting medical marijuana is to use a vaporizer. Some people claim using a vaporizer gives the same effect of smoking but is easier on the lungs. 

Medical Marijuana Dosage

Dosing medical marijuana isn’t an exact science. Doctors claim some people can get away only taking 2mg of cannabis per day while others require 2,000mg to get the same therapeutic benefits. It’s usually best for medical marijuana users to start off with lower dosages and slowly work their way up. It’s very important for new medical marijuana users to work closely with their physician to find the optimal dosage for their body. 

How Medical Marijuana Should Feel

Marijuana interacts with everyone’s system differently. If you’re smoking this drug, then you’re most likely to feel an instant “high” and then come crashing back later on. Since smoking is slightly harsher on the lungs, you might also experience some coughing if you inhale too quickly.

People who eat marijuana should feel a more subtle sense of calm and reduced pain released throughout the day. No matter what method you use, however, you shouldn’t feel any serious pain or discomfort when taking marijuana. Be sure to take it slow and consult a medical professional about proper use.

Potential Side Effects

Like with any other drug, medical marijuana has potential side effects patients need to be aware of. Common side effects of medical marijuana include increased hunger, sore throat, dizziness, and trouble concentrating. More serious side effects include panic attacks, memory impairment, heart palpitations, digestive complaints, and severe nausea. You should never take medical marijuana before operating heavy machinery. Indeed, you could be arrested on DUI charges if you’re caught with marijuana in your system while driving. 

As America’s chronic pain epidemic increases, it’s no wonder patients are seeking all-natural medications like marijuana. If you’re interested in trying medical cannabis for a health problem, don’t hesitate to talk with your primary care physician. Be sure to tell your doctor any other medications you’re taking to avoid adverse side effects. As long as you use marijuana responsibly, you could see a dramatic improvement in your wellbeing.

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