Every mother wants a healthy child, and there are several things expectant mothers can do to increase the likelihood of delivering a healthy baby. Read on for tips and advice on staying healthy during pregnancy.


Be Mindful of Which Substances You Ingest

Consult a doctor about which medicines and foods are safe for pregnant women. Some prescription drugs are suspected to cause birth defects. Do not take any drugs, prescribed or over-the-counter, without getting the approval of a doctor or healthcare professional first. Avoid alcohol and smoking. Reduce caffeine intake. Most doctors recommend vitamin supplements, such as folic acid. Folic acid is also found in certain foods, such as broccoli and fortified cereal. Do not skip meals. Ask a doctor for a list of foods that promote the growth and health of your baby.


Remain Under a Doctor’s Care.

Regular health screenings are vital during pregnancy so that the doctor can monitor the baby’s progress and address any concerns of the mother. Treatment for any maternal infections is also important. A mother who is spotting or has a fever should immediately see a doctor. Get the phone number for an after-hours nurse so that you can consult with them when necessary. Even if you don’t feel like you can leave your home, some doctors carry Keebomed portable ultrasound machines and can help you during a house call.


Exercise Regularly

Light exercise is also recommended during pregnancy, except in cases where the mother is instructed otherwise. Light housework, walking, and stretches are often recommended. Strenuous or dangerous exercises, such as scuba diving, should be avoided. Try to schedule thirty minutes of exercise time each day. If possible, arrange to go walking with a friend or with your partner.


Find Ways to Reduce Stress

Managing stress makes the whole process of pregnancy and delivery run much more smoothly. Weight gain may cause physical discomfort, and added expenses during pregnancy can also add financial stress. Talk with your partner about which responsibilities you will each carry during the pregnancy. Plan a budget together and stick to it. Get plenty of sleep. If possible, take a week or two off from work around the time of your pregnancy due date. Some time off will allow you to relax and also organize your living space before the baby comes.


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