While riding a motorcycle down the open highway is often an exhilarating experience, the fact is many times a pleasant ride often results in a catastrophic accident. In fact, accidents involving a motorcycle result in serious injuries or even deaths almost 90 percent of the time. Due to the severity of these accidents, motorcyclists tend to find themselves facing numerous physical injuries that may result in temporary or permanent physical disabilities. But even though the road ahead may be a difficult one, there are many ways a motorcycle enthusiast can get back in the saddle after a crash.

Don’t Go it Alone
In many of these situations, a motorcyclist may believe that because they have been severely injured, they will be able to file an accident claim and easily receive enough money to cover their medical bills and lost wages. Unfortunately, that rarely if ever happens. Not only are insurance companies determined to keep any settlement amounts to a minimum, but they as well as police officers often are biased against motorcyclists, believing that in most cases the driver of the motorcycle acted recklessly and dangerously. Because of these potential roadblocks, it’s best to not go it alone and instead call on an experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in motorcycle accidents.

Prepare for Extended Rehabilitation
Because these accidents result in catastrophic injuries to multiple areas of a person’s body, an extended period of rehabilitation is usually needed to fully recover. When there is a motorcycle accident, residents can experience such injuries as broken arms or legs, back injuries, shoulder separations, and head trauma even if they were wearing a helmet. Therefore, months or possibly even years of physical therapy may be needed to recover from the injuries. Along with this, occupational therapy, mental health counseling, and more may be needed to deal not only with the physical injuries, but the emotional ones as well.

A Life That May be Forever Changed
While many motorcyclists are able to make full recoveries from their accidents, others are not so lucky. Unfortunately, many people die from the injuries in these crashes, and others may experience brain damage, paralysis, or other life-changing conditions. When this happens, lost wages as well as lost earning capacity for the future are part of the equation. And for families who lost a loved one in the accident, future income that was lost will now need to be recovered in order to maintain a reasonable standard of living. If a lawsuit is filed, all of this must be taken into serious consideration in order to make sure medical bills, future medical care, and living expenses in the years ahead will be adequately covered.

Time is of the Essence
When an accident occurs, there are many things happening at once. Police investigations, insurance companies attempting to deny claims or settle for far less money than is needed, medical care, and more all make the situation a difficult one to handle. However, time is of the essence when it comes to the accident itself. That’s why it’s recommended crash victims or their families speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible, in order to ensure all necessary details are covered in a timely manner. For example, witnesses will need to be interviewed, police reports and medical records will need to be examined, and much more (Source: Eric Harron, a motorcycle accident attorney in Austin, Texas).

Even though today’s highways are much safer for motorcyclists than in years past, it still takes only one careless driver of a car or truck to turn a pleasant ride into a tragic, life-altering event. Therefore, its imperative motorcyclists pay attention to their surroundings, making sure they don’t become yet another statistic.

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