When you undergo any type of surgery, regardless of how minor it may seem, you will face some recovery time. Though it is sometimes necessary, surgery is hard on a person’s body. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to care for yourself after your surgery so that you will fully recover as soon as possible.

Remarkable Recovery Tips for Your Post Surgery Days

Pay Attention to Your Release Instructions

After surgery, your doctor will release you with a list of things to do, or not to do. Often, these seem frivolous, and nobody wants to be tied down to a set of rules, however, it is very important to do as you are instructed. If your doctor prescribes bed-rest, no heavy lifting, no exercise, no return to work, or even no baths, you have to remember there are reasons for this, and to be compliant.


Go to Your Follow-Up Appointments

Even if you are feeling 100% better, be sure to show up for your scheduled follow-up appointments. Your doctor will use this time to check on the results of your surgery, and will make sure you are truly healing properly. Also, never hesitate to make an appointment to go back earlier than your scheduled appointment if you feel there is something wrong.


Infection Prevention

Take special care of your incision site. Keep your hands well washed before touching or cleaning your wound. Be sure to wash with the solution your doctor provides for you. It is important to make sure your bedding is clean, and it would be best if your pets are not allowed to sleep with you while you are recovering. If you detect any sign of infection, be sure to call your doctor immediately.


Eat Healthy

Giving your body healthy food will encourage faster healing. Even though you may not feel like eating, be sure to start out simple with things like yogurt and fruit. It is also important that you stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and juice.


Take Your Medication

Many people simply do not like to take medication, and it is tempting to stop taking your pain medication if you are feeling a little bit better. However, you need to take your pain medication as prescribed. Without it, your pain could creep up on you, and become unbearable.


Walk Around

In most cases, doctors try to get their patients up and walking as soon as possible after surgery. No one expects you to run laps, but it is a good idea to get out of bed every few hours and walk a bit. This can help prevent complications from surgery and help promote your recovery. If walking is proving difficult, make sure you have aids like a Walking Stick Pro, or a simple wheeling walker to get yourself around, and help encourage the use of your own legs.


These tips should help you achieve your goal of achieving a complete recovery. Be good to yourself, and soon, you will be feeling better than ever.

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