Anyone who has had persistent lower back pain knows it is one of the most painful things you can experience. If the pain gets bad enough, you may not even be able to move. Finding the root cause of this horrible pain is the only way to get rid of it, so you can return to normal activities. These are the four most common causes, and some tips for handling the pain.

Lower back pain is most commonly caused by an injury. It is fairly easy to strain or sprain the ligaments or muscles in your lower back while overexerting yourself. A major accident usually needs to occur to do more serious damage. A hard fall could potentially cause a fracture of the bones, which makes it nearly impossible to move. If you incurred a serious injury to your lower back, or are a victim of malpractice, professionals, like those at Otorowski Johnston Morrow & Golden P.L.L.C., know what these sort of claims might entail. Taking a look to see if standard guidelines have been crossed is worth the time.

Excess Pressure on Nerves
There are several serious medical conditions that can put an excess amount of pressure on the nerve roots in your lower back. A herniated disc, or spinal stenosis are the most common of these conditions. While your lower back pain can go away over time if it is caused by a minor injury, you will need to undergo treatment to get rid of the pain when it is caused by excess pressure on the nerves.

It is entirely possible your pain is just part of the natural aging process. Osteoarthritis can potentially develop in your spine joints as you start to get older. This makes the joints in your spine stiff, which will deliver pain to your lower back. Since osteoarthritis is a natural part of aging, there is no cure, but the pain can be relieved by taking medication.

Bacterial Infection
It may be hard to believe, but your lower back pain may just be caused by a bacterial infection. A small infection in your bone or spinal cord will result in a strong pain. Once the infection is gone, your back pain should be relieved.

Now you know the most common causes of lower back pain, you can start getting the proper treatment. All four of the above can easily be treated by a doctor, so there is no reason to live with the excruciating pain any longer.


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