A Real Pain What Your Headaches Really Mean

Headaches seem to be the bane of modern man. While medicine is curing various other illnesses, headaches are just one thing that won’t go away, no matter how much we want them to. Luckily sometimes headaches can be easily fixed, and it can surprise you to find what is contributing to your pain.

If you are overly stressed about something, your muscles, especially those in your neck and shoulder area, tense up, causing undue pain in the base of the cranium as well as your neck. To treat these stress headaches, simply invest in a bottle of ibuprofen or aspirin to treat your worst days. You might also want to start thinking about how to ways to better manage your stress. If you know it goes to your shoulders, be sure to stretch them every morning, and find a different way to direct your stress.

Eye Strain
Your eyes are never as good as you hope they’ll be, especially as you start heading into your older years. Because of this, many strain their eyes to see things either close up or far away, leading to headaches that come after an intense bout of reading or far focus. Clearing this problem up is as easy as heading to a Calgary vision clinic to have your eyes checked, and investing in a good pair of glasses to prevent strain in the future. Dr. Bishop & Associates recommend having vision tested at least once a year.

Caffeine Addiction
It is no secret that caffeine causes a physical addiction. Anyone who goes without their usual morning coffee can attest to the painful headache that accompanies them throughout the day. Research shows this is caused by a temporary increase of sensitivity to adenosine, a chemical naturally produced by the body. To circumvent such pain, either keep drinking your regular morning coffee, or slowly wean yourself off of it. It might be best to quit your habit before it really starts to affect your health.

Painkiller Withdrawal
Ironically, the same drugs you take to ease headaches can also cause them. Both prescription drugs and over the counter cures, when taken in higher than normal doses, can trigger the brain negatively either while on the drug, or in the crash after, resulting in headaches. Be sure to avoid regular usage or overdosing on your painkillers, and you should be fine. Tell your doctor if you find you are overly sensitive to certain drugs.

The seasonal changes may be fun for some, but definitely not all. The spores and microscopic pollen flying through the air is enough to cause anyone’s immune system to go into overdrive. These headaches, however, only really kick in when there is an infection. See the doctor, and they will prescribe some antibiotics to clear away the infection in your sinuses. Decongestants are also a good investment.

Headaches are as varied as the people of this earth. While most people can pinpoint why they get them, many have a harder time trying to get them to stop. Should you be plagued, try out different methods of stopping them. Only then can you truly know their cause.

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