Many people are increasingly concerned about their health, and they may take numerous steps to maintain or improve health over the years. One aspect of health that is often overlooked relates to environmental factors. Depending on environmental factors present in your area, these factors could harm your health or improve it. With a closer look at the impact of environmental factors on your health, you may be able to make beneficial improvements to your environment.

Air Quality

There is little that you can do immediately to address the matter of outdoor air quality other than wear a mask and petition lawmakers to take action. However, you do have greater control over indoor air quality. Because the air in your home is usually circulated through an HVAC system, maintaining your HVAC system with regular service through professionals like Logan A/C & Heat Services Inc. is critical.

It may also be helpful to clean air ducts periodically and to replace air filters monthly or as recommended by the manufacturer. Remember that carbon monoxide poisoning can also be caused by a damaged HVAC system. Consider investing in a carbon monoxide detector.

Natural Sunlight

Exposure to sunlight has been linked to skin cancer, sun spots, premature aging, sun poisoning and more. While it is true that exposure to the sun can be detrimental and even deadly, the body requires some exposure to sunlight daily for optimal health. Open your blinds on sunny days, and sit close to the window to absorb sunlight. However, always wear sunscreen to prevent damage from UV rays. Sunlight can improve your physical health, and it can bolster your mood. In addition to opening your blinds, consider using light paint colors and mirrors to reflect more sunlight throughout your home.


Most of the time, your primary issue with the temperature inside your home may relate to another family member or roommate fiddling with the settings and making the space too warm or cool for your comfort. This is a minor inconvenience that may cause minimal discomfort. When your HVAC system is broken on extremely hot or cold days, the indoor temperature may reach unhealthy and even dangerous levels. In order to reduce the chance of breakdowns that could have a detrimental effect on your health, keep your system properly maintained. Schedule repair service at the first sign of an issue.

Your indoor environment can affect your health in positive as well as negative ways. You have direct control over each of these factors. Now that you are more aware of how indoor environment can bolster your health, take appropriate steps to make your home as healthy as possible.


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