While many college graduates are finding it difficult to obtain employment, there is one field that is booming with job opportunities. There are numerous careers in the health industry that provide meaningful work, excellent salaries, and a high demand for new employees. The following are several career choices for those who are passionate about pursing an exciting career in the medical and health industry.

Pursuing Your Passion Gain A Career in the Health Industry


A registered dietitian is a food and nutrition specialist who might work in a hospital, nursing facility, a food company, or a health and wellness center. The job requires a minimum level of a bachelor’s degree, but many dietitians have completed graduate work. An exam must be passed for the student to become a registered dietitian.



Becoming an optometrist requires three to four years of graduate work, preceded by an undergraduate degree. These professionals provide basic vision care for patients by giving eye exams and prescribing glasses or contacts. Optometrists have the option of working in a variety of settings. They can be employed by hospitals, private practices, and retail stores. One of the benefits of being an optometrist is that they are rarely on call or work evenings and weekends.


Pharmaceutical Sales

Those with pharmaceutical sales jobs educate doctors and other health professionals regarding the latest medications. While a specific degree is not required, sales representatives are required to have a vast range of knowledge about the medicines they are selling. Medical sales is a similar field except these professionals sometimes promote a broader range of products and attempt to close the sale at the end of each meeting. Job listings for medical sales professionals can be found on a variety of online websites.


Physician’s Assistant

A physician’s assistant usually works where physicians would work, and often under their direction. These health professionals can diagnose ailments and prescribe medication. There is usually a minimum requirement of a bachelor’s degree and two years post graduate work.


Medical Technician

There are a variety of subcategories within this area that include ultrasound technicians, pharmacy technicians, radiologist technicians, and laboratory technicians. Most of these positions can be obtained after receiving a one year certification or two year associates degree.


These are just a few of the many careers in the health field. With an aging population in our society, there will be many opportunities for people to pursue a variety of exciting careers in the health industry. Take time to find one that fits your lifestyle and interests. There are many more to think about.

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