Your new baby is a tender treasure, one you have been looking forward to holding for the past several months. But childbirth can be a dangerous process for your little one. It is critical that you take certain precautions to protect your infant and give them their best chance of entering the world safely. These steps are particularly crucial if this is your first pregnancy and you are worried. Being properly prepared can put your mind at rest and allow you to focus on your child.

Find a Doctor You Trust

The doctor you have been seeing for the last 9 months is going to be one of your biggest allies in the birthing process. If for any reason, something starts to go wrong with the birth, your doctor is the one who will decide what steps to take. It is important that can trust your doctor. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before and during the birth process if you don’t understand something. It is important for you to be working in tandem with your doctor.

Know Your Medical History

Hopefully, you have already discussed your medical history with your doctor, but it is important to review it towards the end of your pregnancy. You may have learned new information, or you may have questions about how certain things may affect your pregnancy. It is important to get your questions answered before you go into labor so you can relax and focus on getting through labor.

Insist on Handwashing

While you are in labor, you will have a variety of people taking care of you and your infant. Unless you have complications, it is not likely that you will have your own nurse. Instead, your nurse will be looking after a few different patients and attending to other tasks. Whenever your nurse or any other medical professional comes to check on you, it is okay to ask them if they have washed their hands or if the gloves they are wearing are new. The answers will usually be positive, but even the best nurses make mistakes or get distracted. If they haven’t washed their hands or changed their gloves, you should ask them to do so. Handwashing has been proven to save lives during childbirth, so this is particularly crucial.

Know Your Legal Options

Despite all your precautions, sometimes problems arise. Injuries to your or your infant are scary, and it can seem overwhelming to deal with treatments. Brachial plexus injuries are among some of the more common injuries that can affect your infant and can range from mild inconvenient to disabling. It is important to make sure that you have all the resources you need to take care of your child during these times. Lawyers who specialize in birth injuries can advise you about your options in getting compensation if these injuries are a result of negligence or malpractice.

Being diligent in caring for yourself and your infant is the best thing you can do to make sure that your infant is healthy and happy. Don’t be afraid to be aggressive in taking steps to provide protection if necessary.


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