Using the wrong hygiene products and self care tools can have disastrous effects on the skin and other body areas. This is true whether you are shaving your face with low-quality instruments or blocking the pores with substandard formulations. Following are several tips for avoiding hair bumps and painful knots in the underarm area by simply equipping yourself with the right goods.

Always Pamper Your Face

Even when you are in a rush, your self care routine should never be slapdash or half-hearted. This is definitely something to keep in mind when trimming your beard or shaving your face. Simply dragging a razor across the top of the dermis without first softening the hair and training it to stand in the right direction will often result in nicks, abrasions and the development of sore, itchy bumps that are bright red in appearance.

You should be using a thick, moisturizing soap to work your facial hairs into a foamy lather. This is best done with a shaving brush and cup set. The brush can be used to scrub the facial hairs in a circulation motion that will encourage them to stand erect. Each stroke of the razor will catch individual strands in an optimal position, preventing them from growing back down into the very follicles they have originated from.

Stop Blocking Your Pores

The wrong deodorant and antiperspirants will usually have a very adverse affect on the underarms. These pasty formulas work well in blocking odors and sweat, but are not easy to wash off of the skin once the day is done. Because of this, the sweat ducts in the armpits are never allowed the chance to rid themselves of toxins. Over time, a stubborn build-up of heavy antiperspirant products and internal toxins can cause painful knots to develop in the underarm.

In order to correct or prevent these knots it is important to switch from a heavy antiperspirant to a lightweight and glycerin-based mens deodorant stick. This will reduce unpleasant odors in this area, while allowing the skin to breath and the sweat ducts to perform their normal function. There are even high-quality and lightweight antiperspirants which will effectively stop sweating throughout the day and wash off easily at night. Men can sport these to stay dry, while ensuring that their bodies can still engage in natural, toxin-removal processes.

Cleanse The Pores Without Stripping The Skin

Both hair bumps and underarm sores can have other causes. Excessive amounts of harmful bacteria in these regions can result in mild skin infections including folliculitis. To avoid skin issues such as these, you should invest in a strong cleanser such as Excite Shower Gel for men. This will produce a rich, foamy lather in a matter of seconds and can eliminate dirt, bacteria and other residues, without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

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