6 Tips To Stay As Active As Possible

Pregnancy is an exciting experience, and being pregnant with twins can be double the fun. Most moms to be will be advised by their doctors to stay as active as possible to maintain good health and to physically prepare for a safe and healthy delivery. Here are six ways you can keep active without extensive time or cost.

Walk more and sit less

Some family members may try to keep you comfortably seated while serving your needs and wants. While this might sound great, it is better for you to get up and take care of your own needs as much as possible to stay moving. This doesn’t mean you should relax and take it easy, however, but you should take the opportunity to stay in motion when possible.

Join a yoga class

Yoga has many proven benefits that are especially suitable for pregnant women. Without being strenuous, yoga moves help to keep the body flexible and relaxed for optimum effects. If you cannot take a class, practice yoga at home.

Count your steps

To find out how active you really are, wear a step counter for a day. If you are walking at least five thousand steps daily, that may be a great starting point. Check with your doctor for a professional recommendation on the number of steps to set as a goal. Eventually, you can increase the number of steps taken daily to whatever your doctor suggests.

Move while watching TV

If you watch television or rent movies, get up and walk around the house during commercials or previews. Better yet, get a stationary bicycle or treadmill and keep moving while enjoying your favorite programs or movies. Even walking in place between key scenes or during advertisements can enhance circulation.

Enjoy the scenery

Take a daily walk through your neighborhood or a local park when the weather permits. Bring a walking buddy, as this encourages commitment and follow-through. Enjoy nearby views or brief chats with neighbors while you are walking, and you will come home extra refreshed.

Trying Swimming

Water aerobics is a great way to stay active without putting all the extra stress on your joints and muscles. If you don’t have a pool, join your local gym or community center to use the pool a couple of times each week.

Staying active while pregnant with twins can help you feel better and keeps you in shape. Take advantage of low-key ways like those above to keep moving at opportune times for good health and preparation for your bundles of joy. Soon you can include them in your daily exercise routine. Be sure to talk to a doctor before starting any new workout routine. Informational credit to Dr. Gilbert W. Webb at Mercy.net.

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