Having a baby? Congratulations future Mom and welcome to an exciting new world of changes beginning with your body. Some of it will be exciting, nauseating, comical, and downright incredible–and we’re sharing 4 pregnancy essentials to make it the best nine months ever!


Quality Healthcare

Preparing for pregnancy is a time to connect with quality healthcare professionals. New products and technologies are readily available for moms to be. Products like these Keebomed ultrasound machines allow professionals to reach patients nearly anytime and anyplace and is just as powerful as the larger diagnostic machines. Look into professionals available in your area and compare your options. You want to find healthcare that meets your needs and demonstrates quality and sophisticated modern care.


Healthy Pregnancy Eats

Even though your tummy might feel uneasy, finding the right snacks to satisfy your cravings and will keep you a healthy Mama is essential. While sometimes you’ll settle for anything you can keep down, try your best to stick to foods that are wholesome and natural. Snacking on things like yogurt, cheese, bananas, nuts, and whole wheat bread and crackers will give you the nutrition you need to stay healthy and happy during your pregnancy. Avoid foods containing lots of sodium, sugar, and fat to keep both you and baby healthy.


Heartburn Relief

Nothing’s worse than a little acid indigestion and heartburn during your pregnancy. With your stomach already uneasy, the last thing you want is that burning sensation in your esophagus. Relax and get some heartburn relief medication at your local pharmacy. This will take care of the burn and even boost you with a little calcium.


Good Skin Care

Pregnancy causes a lot of increased hormone production and this can really take a toll on your skin. You might feel like a pimply teenager again. But don’t fret–drink plenty of water and take care of your face by washing daily. We suggest products containing salicylic acid and finding a moisturizer that works with your skin. To combat stretch marks you can apply your favorite natural oil—jojoba, coconut, cocoa butter, shea butter, or aloe vera. Regularly applying moisturizers and oils will help give your skin more elasticity and keeps you less itchy.


Pregnancy is a beautiful time to notice and care for your body. Applying these 4 essentials to your pregnancy routine can boost your chances of having the best 9 months ever.

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