6 Things You Should Be Doing Differently When You Are Expecting

Women have various attitudes about their pregnancies. Some feel as though their entire lives are changing, and they need to fully bond with their unborn children during these months. However, others want to retain their own sense of independence. While having your own identity is important, you cannot do everything exactly as you did before your pregnancy.


When you are pregnant, you are supposed to avoid a number of certain foods. Speaking with your doctor is the best way to learn this information. Different doctors have different recommendations when it comes to eating properly during pregnancy. Some foods will appear on most to-avoid lists, but that is not true for all of them. Additionally, you should work to maintain a healthy diet although giving into cravings from time to time is certainly acceptable.


Some women assume that when they are pregnant, they are unable to exercise at all. That is generally not the case, but again, you need to speak with your doctor, recommends Dr. Gilbert Webb. You may have a specific condition that prevents you from exercising or that requires you to go on bed rest for part of your pregnancy. In any case, you will likely need to engage in modified exercise routines and ones that are specifically developed for women who are pregnant. For example, taking pregnancy yoga classes is highly preferred to playing beach volleyball.

Visiting the Doctor

In the past, you may have been a person who would only go to the doctor if you were extremely sick. That is a habit that needs a complete overhaul right now. You must make sure you are going to the OBGYN for all of your regularly scheduled visits. This doctor is going to provide you with valuable information for your pregnancy and the birthing process. Furthermore, he or she is the individual who conducts tests to make sure that your baby is healthy and growing properly.

Accepting Offers for Help

When you are pregnant, you still have all of your old responsibilities. You are likely still working full-time, bringing your other children to their activities and to school, spending time with your loved ones, cleaning the house and cooking dinner. Handling all of those responsibilities while your body is going through massive changes can be too much stress on your body. When people offer to help you, don’t hesitate to say yes.

Cleaning the House

You do not need to completely stop cleaning the house when you are pregnant, but you do need to watch out for a few things. For example, you should not be engaging in any heavy lifting or moving. Leave that responsibility to someone else. Also, you should check the ingredients in cleaning products to make sure you are not using any substances that could be dangerous for your unborn children. Furthermore, if you have cats, someone else needs to clean the litter box.

Budgeting Your Money

Even if you currently have a surplus of money, that situation is likely to change at least to some degree when your baby comes into the world. If this child is your first, you are likely somewhat under-prepared for how much money a baby will cost. You should try to predict the best that you can, but you will also then need to account for unexpected expenses that arise. Trying to save more money now will help to alleviate some financial stress when your child is born.

When you focus your attention on these six changes that you need to make, both you and your body can be better prepared to handle the labors of pregnancy and child birth.

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