Does Poor Oral Health Impair Childrens Ability to LearnChildren need to see their dentist twice a year for basic cleanings and overall oral health, but many children do not receive this care. Whether it is from neglect or financial reasons, poor oral health in children directly affects their performance in school.

Any persisting pain is a constant stress placed on the body. If a child has a toothache, for example, they cannot concentrate on their work.

They may daydream to deal with the pain and miss a lesson. Their behavior may be deemed as a poor attention span, garnering them a place in detention for lack of participation or listening.

Missed School Days

A parent that keeps a child home when they have chronic oral pain can cause excessive absences in school. When children are not in school, they miss critical lessons that may be difficult to catch up on in the future. Homework and classwork falls behind as the child feels overwhelmed by both missed work and chronic pain. Their grades commonly fall and remain low until the pain subsides.

Speech Impediments

To compensate for the pain, children may speak differently and develop a speech impediment. If a child is treated in a timely manner, such as with Colorado Springs Gingivitis treatment, the pain vanishes and normal speech can resume. A child that speaks differently for a long period of time develops muscle memory. They may not be able to fight the impediment without professional help at some point.

Self-Esteem Drops

Children in oral pain choose to remain quiet to keep the pain at bay. They may be labeled as shy and isolated from the other social groups. Self-esteem drops significantly because their peer groups do not accept them. Poor grades also contribute to low self-esteem because they feel like a failure in the eyes of the teachers.

Nourishment Issues

Three healthy meals each day are crucial to proper learning. Oral pain in children causes them to eat less or not at all. Without nutritious meals, children do not have the energy to perform well in class. When poor nutrition is coupled with oral pain, their performance is even worse.

Children may not be able to express their pain in words. If a child is performing poorly in school, teachers and parents must be observant to find the root cause. A simple trip to the dentist may be the only answer. Many state and federal programs help children in need if parents cannot afford dental insurance. Keeping children’s teeth healthy is one of the main keys to good grades.

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