You must have heard all the hullabaloo about people not being able to get enough sleep, the problem of insomnia and how millions of teenagers and adults are suffering from lack of quality sleep. But a new weird and chilling study carried out by Cambridge University has to say something terrifying about people who have a habit of taking frequent naps. The study suggests that people who take naps spanning an hour or longer during daytime tend to die earlier as compared to those who don’t sleep so frequently. You know the most eerie part of this study? Scientists do not exactly know what is the cause of this! The study suggests that there might be an underlying problem which makes someone take naps frequently.

The research’s sample audience comprised of 16,000 British men and women aged 40 to 79 who were tracked over the course of 13 years. These participants were asked about their napping habits and categorized into three areas: those who take naps more than an hour, those who nap less than an hour and those who don’t nap at all.

The results show that people who take frequent naps during day time for more than an hour have a 32% chance of dying early. Scientists say that the real cause of sleeping during day time is laziness, which stems from some medical conditions. So if you feel sleepy all the time and take naps more than an hour, you must get a medical checkup in order to find out the real cause of the problem.

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