Energetic teenagerEverybody loves a night out on the town. The problem is that not everybody recognizes the potential dangers and liabilities that are lurking every time they leave the house for a celebration. A night of fun can quickly lead to a night of regret if you’re not smart about your party habits and take the proper steps to ensure that you remain safe and protected. Here are five dangers you need to look out for when you spend an evening away from home.


Drink Dangers

It is important to keep an eye on your drink at all times when you’re at a house party, restaurant, or bar. An unattended drink is vulnerable to being tampered with. People slip drugs into drinks in order to rob or assault potential victims. You should always order drinks that come in sealed bottles or cans, and make sure that you see the drink being opened with your own eyes. Never accept a bottle or can that has already been opened, even if the guy is extremely cute and looks completely innocent. You should always keep your drink in your hand while you socialize or dance, or finish it before you begin any other activities. Cover the top of your drink with your hand when you sit at a crowded bar, especially fi someone try to get you to turn around from the bar or look away from the drink. You should throw your drink in the garbage immediately if you leave it unattended for any period of time.

Some of these things may seem a bit excessive, but countless numbers of people have been harmed because of drugs that have been slipped into their drink while they are not looking. This even has happened when a person has been completely surrounded by people that are “friends,” and there have even been reports of bar tenders doing this same thing. This excessive measure can prevent a disaster that could leave you scarred for the rest of your life.


Aggressive People

Spending time at a bar or restaurant where people are celebrating can be deceptively cheerful. The party can quickly turn to violence after one too many drinks have been poured, even if the party only has friends that are present. Some people react aggressively to alcohol, which will often result in raised tempers and fights. While a simple fight might only be harmful to the two people, it is easy for other people to get involved and for attacks to hit people who are simply nearby. Parking lots can be an especially precarious place after closing time. You should always be on the lookout for raised voices and aggressive body language, especially when you are leaving the bar or when you are out in the parking lot. Leave immediately if it appears that a fight is brewing. You can decrease the likelihood of being near a fight by leaving in advance of closing time, when tempers and blood alcohol levels tend to be at their height.


Locked Doors

It is important to use caution when using a public restroom at a bar, club, or restaurant. Bars and nightclubs are often very loud and very dark, which can make it extremely difficult for you to get help if you run into a problem in a bathroom stall. Not every establishment is meticulous about bathroom maintenance and repairs, and faulty locks are not an uncommon occurrence. You should always travel to the bathroom with a companion if it is possible, and always take your mobile device with you into the bathroom so that you can call for help if it becomes necessary. Make sure to always use the bathroom on the ground level of a house if you are attending a house party. This will decrease the likelihood of becoming accidentally locked in a bathroom or having a predator follow you upstairs to a remote area of a house.


Dangerous Driving

Driving drunk can have some very serious and dangerous consequences, and it almost always requires the help of a DUI lawyer. You should make every effort to have a designated driver if you are traveling in a group. Also, it is a good idea to add the phone number of a local taxi service to the list of contacts in your phone before you head out for a night of fun, so that you can dial the number automatically if you become too intoxicated to drive home. You should never accept a ride home from a person who appears drunk, and you should never assume that you are well enough to drive after having a drink. Even the smallest amounts of alcohol in your blood stream can impair your senses and put you at risk for getting arrested if you are caught. A failure to follow these tips might leave you searching for a DUI lawyer in the morning.


Don’t Cook When You Get Home

You may come home hungry from a night of drinking and socializing, or you may simply want to continue the party with some of your closest friends. No matter how hungry you are or what your friends may want, you should not turn on your oven or stove. When you are drunk, not only is it easy to make mistakes that can result in serious injury, but it is also likely that you will simply forget about the things that you are cooking. This can result in smoke, or even a fire, which will not only put your life at risk, but these things can also ruin your home, turning your fun night into an extremely costly expense. Thus, if you are planning on going out for the evening, make sure that you keep some ready-to-eat snacks on hand at your home, which can cure your case of the munchies without you having to worry about cooking.

A fun night out should always start with a plan for your safety. You will be a step ahead of the game if you follow these practical tips for keeping yourself safe and secure the next time you’re in the mood to celebrate and socialize.

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