If you’ve been living with chronic, constant pain, you don’t need us to tell you how terrible it is. But there are more options than to just take expensive prescriptions and undergo crippling surgeries. Before you go down those roads, check out our top 4 things to look into to curb or stop your suffering!

Clean Eating & Vitamins

It’s growing knowledge that what you eat can help or hurt your health. But this can include eliminating or encouraging pain. There are certain foods that can help you kick pain to the curb, vitamins that can boost your ability to fight pain, and even drinking more water can help ease the pain. Making the switch to a healthier way of eating with a good vitamin intake and plenty of water can help you feel tons better.

Yoga & Exercise

Over the last two decades, more studies have come out on how exercise can help to ease pain, when done properly. Whether you go with the mental aspects or physical aspects of yoga, there are many ways you can find real relief from your pain using its methods.

Medical Marijuana & CBD

CBD oil has found its way into mainstream popularity as a sort of cure-all. While you can buy the oil directly, you can also find lots of tasty edibles made with CBD oil, as well as topical creams. Medical marijuana (cannabis) works much in the same way. However, some strains are more effective against pain than others. Speak with your doctor about options and effectiveness moving forward.


While not recommended for every situation (for example, if you’ve had surgery on your spine), chiropractic care can help a variety of pain. They are highly revered and more affordable than many specialists. If you’re not sure they can help, give them a try. People swear by their chiropractors and have said that everything from chronic pain to allergies has been improved—if not cured—with regular visits.

You don’t have to live with pain unending. But you also don’t have to live a life full of prescription medications and repeat surgeries. You do have options, all you have to do is a little research! And remember, these are just a few of the many ways you can find relief from your pain without major intervention. These just happen to be some of the best and easiest to utilize.

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