Tips To Stay Healthy When You Can't Step Away From Work

Many jobs today require you to sit at a desk working on a computer all day. This can take a toll on your body in just a few months, but you can do something about it. Here are some tips to stay healthy when you cannot step away from your work desk.

Get Up and Move Every Hour At Least

The first step is to get up and move regularly throughout the day. Just stand up for a few minutes and stretch. Do this once every 45 to 60 minutes all day long. The movement is going to help keep your blood circulating and your muscles relaxed.

Set Up Your Workstation Ergonomically

Poor posture and sitting in an uncomfortable position can both have serious long-term effects on your body. You could develop joint problems, carpal tunnel syndrome or back issues. The solution is to set up your workstation ergonomically. Adjust your chair and the desk so that your elbows and knees bend at right angles while you are sitting. Ask for a standing station or different furniture if necessary.

Vary Your Position Regularly

Try to vary your position regularly throughout the day. Doing the exact same motions in the same position for hours can damage your joints and lead to problems like repetitive stress syndrome. Move around and vary how you are sitting, typing or using the mouse. Stop using the computer and do other tasks for a bit at the end of every hour if you can.

Relieve Strain on Your Eyes

Using a computer all day long can put strain on your eyes. It is important that you always wear your glasses when using a computer so that you can see without squinting. You should visit a professional like those at All About Eyes regularly to keep up with any prescription changes you may need. Look away from the monitor for 15 seconds or so every 10 to 15 minutes. Look off at a point 20 or 30 feet away and let your eyes relax. Keep your workstation well-lit with task lighting.

Watch What You Eat and Drink

Sitting at a computer all day means you burn fewer calories and might not process all foods properly. Watch what you eat and drink to avoid health problems or excessive weight gain. Drink mostly water all day long and choose healthy snacks instead of processed foods like chips.

Although you have to work at your desk on a computer all day, you do not have to be completely immobile. Take every opportunity to move, stretch and relieve eyestrain. These tips will help you to stay healthy when you cannot step away from your computer at work.

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