Natural or clean living isn’t all or nothing. You can improve your life and attitude with small changes that do not disrupt the normal flow of your lifestyle. Here are some little changes that add up to make a big difference.

Switch to Organic

This is a great way to improve your diet while still eating the exact same foods. Organic foods are not treated with chemical pesticides and are often also not genetically modified, so your health is more sustainable. When you switch to organic product, you might find yourself noticing flavor notes that aren’t in standard foods, and you can feel good about having less of an impact on the environment.


It is easy to dismiss meditation as embarrassing and ineffective, but it can actually be a source of contentment and general well-being. When one is fully immersed in a meditative state, he or she is unable to focus on any of life’s little everyday annoyances. Regular meditation relieves stress and provides the energy necessary to face and solve problems.

New Hobbies

A hobby like gardening nurtures more than flowers. People get lost in the rhythm of planting seeds and tending to weeds. It is a way of relaxing that feels productive, which is especially helpful for those who have trouble taking “me” time that pulls them away from their responsibilities. If you feel guilty about postponing your chores to focus on yourself, just think about how satisfying it is to work with your hands and nurture living plants. If a flower or vegetable garden isn’t feasible, consider setting up a small herb garden on your windowsill.

Learn Something New

No one is ever too old to embark upon a new educational journey, especially if this knowledge leads to a greater understanding of one’s place in the world. An applied behavior analysis certification online can teach you how to see the big picture. This field of study will help you understand yourself and other people and will lead to more empathic interactions with your loved ones. Learning about human behavior is a great way to improve all of your relationships with family and friends.


Fitness plans fall by the wayside because they feel like work. Taking up an activity like hiking or swimming gives you goals that aren’t related to your looks or weight. Focusing on increasing your speed or enjoying time outside makes it much easier to make exercise a permanent part of your lifestyle.

Positive changes involve improving your current situation, not setting out to wholly change everything. Taking time for yourself and making more thoughtful choices will give you more positive sensibilities and encourage you to keep making healthy choices.


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