X-rays have proven to be a valuable tool to physicians the world over for decades. At the same time, there are many fears circulating around about the potential dangers that the radiation coming from these machines can pose to the human body. Thankfully, most of these have turned out to be myths, particularly considering the recent advances in x-ray technology. Here we talk about four of more common myths regarding x-ray machines and their perceive danger to human health.

Pregnant Women and X-Rays

There is a common fear amongst pregnant women that they should not receive x-ray scans of any sort. It is actually sure the tradition can be dangerous to the organs of a fetus during the first trimester in pregnancy. Some health clinics, like Rural Health Services Consortium Inc., know that this is because those organs are still developing. At the same time, X-ray technology has evolved to the point that there are more than enough protections provided to make them perfectly safe to this demographic group. A lead apron, for example, effectively protects the abdomen during a chest x-ray, allowing any extremity to be freely filmed.

MRIs Are Not Always the Best Option

Many people believe that MRIs are the best and safest diagnostic imaging method. This is because the system does not use any radiation, but rather relies on an intense magnetic field to take the picture of internal organs. While there are certainly many cases where an MRI provides the best picture, such as when needing to see the brain, there are other cases where an X-ray is much more valuable. Again, there is now not any risk from receiving this X-ray, to the diagnostic method best suited should be utilized.

Traditional X-Ray Scans Are Not Outdated

Others have made the claim that traditional x-ray scans are simply outdated and should not be used. This is simply not the case. In fact, more than 50 percent of the imaging tests done today are completed using x-ray technology. They are perfectly safe.

Scans That Involve Radiation Are Not Hazardous To Your Health

Diagnostic imaging that involves radiation is not only helpful to physicians, it is also perfectly safe for humans. Radiation has proven to be necessary in cases where a diagnosis is needed before making a determination about surgery. The risks to human health are simply not there any longer.

These are four of the common myths circulating out there about x-ray technology today. Embrace medical technology and utilize it. There is no risk to humans today as long as proper procedures are followed.


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