How To Make Eating Healthy Easier This Holiday SeasonWinter is a time of many holidays that are based around eating large meals in a social setting. From tempting September pastries to early October displays of Halloween candy to the widespread availability of fall pie and office parties filled with snacks, it can be hard to eat healthy during the winter months. Luckily, there are strategies that savvy eaters can use to help emerge from holiday season without adding extra pounds or creating health problems.

Allow Yourself Some Treats

Wintertime should not mean that you avoid all seasonal comfort foods. You don’t need to let go of the taste of warm gingerbread or the pleasant smell of a cup of mulled apple cider. Instead focus on quantity when you consider consume foods. Don’t eat half the pumpkin pie at work. Cut yourself a small silver. Add a small dollop of whipped cream on top. Make up for it later by balancing the calories you consume elsewhere. A meal replacement shake is a good way to accomplish this goal. Look for reviews for meal replacement shakes online to help you find one that you like best.

Focus on Seasonal Ingredients

Ingredients that are in season at any given time tend to be fresher. Winter may not have piles of asparagus and cherries to choose from in the market, but you can still find good ingredients. Look for winter squashes with the skin on to make a Thanksgiving roast the entire family will like. Turn your sweet potatoes into a healthy Halloween casserole. Go apple picking and get healthy apples right off the tree. Explore the world of healthy root vegetables like carrots and rutabagas. Bring a nutritious tureen of soup to your Christmas holiday office party. Consider a splurge on out of season fruits and vegetables flown in from elsewhere to help add healthy variety to your diet.

Use the Right Cooking Methods

The holiday season is an ideal time to bring out the crockpot and the Dutch oven. Think slow cooked stews and fork tender meats. A crockpot can help you cook healthy legumes that are both inexpensive and nutritious. A stew composed can make it easy to adhere to the recommendation that meat be a condiment rather than the center of the meal.


The holidays need not be one long parade of items that make you feel heavier than your winter coat. Use a few simple tricks to create healthy meals that you truly celebrate the season.

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