Seeing someone go through cancer can be a very difficult experience, and can be very hard not only for the patient but for the loved ones of the patient as well. As a support system, there are some things that you can do to provide encouragement.


The Best Treatment

When supporting someone who has cancer, you want to do everything possible to help get the best treatment. If you don’t feel that the current doctor is doing the job that needs to be done, then you should call to find someone else who will offer the testing and treatment that your family member deserves. It’s alright to get a second opinion or even a third and fourth. You want your family member to get the best care while dealing with cancer in order to be comfortable and get the best treatment possible.


Professional Cancer Center

One of the places you can take your family member to after being diagnosed with cancer is a center, like Missouri Cancer Associates, that specializes in treatments and support. While at the center, your loved one will receive the treatments that are ordered by the doctor. There are counseling services available for you, other members of the support team and the person who is dealing with the disease. A treatment plan will be discussed and put in place. The people who work at the center will educate you and your loved one about the progress of the cancer and what can be done to remain comfortable. Some centers offer a place to stay for an extended time, similar to a hospital, so that your loved one doesn’t have to travel back and forth.


Being Present

Whether it’s helping with cleaning the home, preparing meals or being there for your loved one to talk to, simply be there. Most of the time, cancer patients need someone to be supportive and to help keep them company as they are undergoing treatment. Even if it’s reading a book with the person or playing a board game, knowing that you’re there will make a difference.


Cancer is a hard disease to fight for both the patient and the loved ones that are supporting them. If you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer, it’s important to offer as much support as possible. Find out how the person feels and if there are any specific needs that you can help with.

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