Genetics provides endless clues to scientists and help them figure out the future health and expected life patterns of humans. A child inherits looks, nature, habits and temperament of his parents in most of the cases. For years, the nature vs nurture debate has permeated psychology and medical science. Now a latest study published by the Journal of American College of Cardiology has shown a strong connection between the longevity of parents and children. This study is making headlines as it apparently settles the question of correlation between parents and their children ages. So we can safely say that the general pattern is now unlocked, and according to it, the longer your parents live,  stronger the chance you have to live longer. The study also suggests that parents’ health and disease patterns also provide clues to the expected health dynamics of their children in the future.

The study involved about 186,000 adults, aged between 55 to 73, whose parents have died. The experts monitored these individuals over the course of 8 years in order to get a pattern of health and age of these individuals.  The results were appalling: when parents cross the age of 70, the age of their children is expected to surge by 17%. 70 years is the benchmark in this study, which gives a hint on the health and longevity of your age.

Parents’ age not only gives clues about the expected age of children, it also gives a glimpse of health patterns. If your parents age above 70, you will have a less chance of getting heart disease, heart failures, stroke, hypertension, anemia, high cholesterol and atrial fibrillation. But experts emphasize that these results should do no guarantee anything. If your parents are above 70, and you are a chain smoker, and do no exercise, you have nonetheless increased chances of heart diseases and other problems.

The study has raised a lot of interesting correlations between genetics and a person’s age, but it is an established fact that our lives are defined by environment and habits too. The study clearly mentions that people having shorter-lived parents can avert the risk of dying early by adapting healthy habits like exercise and healthy diet.


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