5 Health Concerns That Might Be A Bigger Problem Than You Think

The human body is an amazing thing. While some diseases can set in quickly with minimal warning, others do give you some notice. The key is knowing the difference between a minor ailment you can ignore and one that could indicate a larger problem.

Check the Nails

The eyes may be a window to the soul, but your nails give you a quick look into your overall health. Red nail beds can signal heart disease, yellow coloration can indicate that you have lung problems, and nails that are half-white and half-pink may be a warning sign of kidney disease. Overall, the color on your nails should be clear, and they should adhere firmly to the nail bed.

Blood in the Bowel Movements

You may want to avoid looking in the commode after a bowel movement, but it’s important to take a quick peek, especially if you haven’t been feeling well. Blood in the stool or on the toilet paper can be something as minor as a hemorrhoid. However, it’s also a warning sign for several different kinds of cancer, including rectal, prostate and colon. Don’t feel embarrassed visiting the doctor to discuss this issue because early detection and treatment is vital with any of these cancers.

Chronic Migraines

If you have chronic migraines, then you may have developed a great system for dealing with them. However, you should still visit the doctor for a checkup. People who have even one migraine a month are 50 percent more likely to have a heart attack.

Aching Teeth

A toothache is certainly annoying, but it should never be ignored. It’s most commonly the result of a cavity that needs to be filled. If the cavity is ignored, it can grow and create an entry point into the body for dangerous bacteria, say the experts at Midtown Dental Centre. In this case, a root canal will be the least of your worries. As bacteria enter the body, it can lead to potentially fatal infections in primary organs like the heart or brain.

Excessive Thirst and Urination

These are some of the top warning signs for diabetes. If you notice that you’re extremely thirsty and drinking more than normal, you should make an appointment with your doctor and have a fasting blood sugar done.

Protect yourself by keeping an eye out for these warning signs. These health concerns may not seem major when you first notice them, but they can be indicators that something far more serious is going on. Address the problems as soon as possible to maximize your chance of successfully dealing with the problem and maintaining your great health.

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