When you have severe pain in the mouth, one of the options to relieve it is to have oral surgery. There are numerous reasons as to why you would have a tooth pulled, such as the wisdom teeth being impacted, or to have a procedure done that would relieve pain or an infection that results in being sedated or having stitches in the mouth. When you get home, there are a few ideal foods that you should enjoy that are soothing for the surgical site.


Ice Cream

The soothing chill of ice cream is good to enjoy after oral surgery. You might want to melt it a bit after taking it from the freezer so that it’s not as cold as the mouth will be sensitive when you get home and for a few days after the procedure. Avoid milkshakes unless you use a spoon as you don’t want to drink from a straw because the suction could pull away the clot that has formed at the surgical site.



If you’re looking for a way to get nutrients without eating solid foods, then enjoy a bowl of soup. You can have anything from tomato to chicken noodle as long as there aren’t any large chunks that you would need to chew too much.


Baby Food

While this idea might be a bit juvenile, baby food is a food that has a good texture that would be suitable to eat after oral surgery. Fortunately, there are numerous flavors to choose from, such as bananas, vegetables and even a few entree dishes so that you can at least get a taste for real food. You could even make your own ‘baby food’ ‘by blending up fresh fruits and veggies so they are easier to eat.



This is a treat to enjoy if you want something sweet. Some dentists and oral surgeons send you home with a container or two of pudding or Jell-O as it’s a soft food to consume. Prepare larger portions by using boxes, or you can get the individual cups if you don’t want to eat a lot at one time.


Oral surgery isn’t one of the most fun things that you can have done. Eating will be a challenge for a few days, so it’s best to plan ahead so that you have enough to enjoy when you get home. If there are any issues with a fever or bleeding in the mouth, then contact your dentist, like the professionals at Smile Makers Dental. You also may want to contact your dentist before eating anything as the dentist might need to sedate you again to suture the incision or perform another type of procedure in the vent something is wrong.

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