Are you having a difficult time trying to remain healthy while running a work at home business? You can remain fit as a fiddle while running a successful online business if you remain disciplined. You need to make your health a priority in order to stay fit among the temptations of working at home. Yep, you can easily become lazy while working in front of a computer all day long.

You need to go for a jog, but oh no, you cannot do it now. You need to tweak your blog. New opt-in form, and a new header too; yep, you need to make the changes now, so you put off your jog. Three hours pass, you complete your blogging tasks, but still no jog. Forget about it, you are too tired now. Maybe tonight. Well, tonight comes, and goes, as you have a team webinar and then, well, you are just too darn tired to actually exercise after a full day of work.

Let’s not even go into the diet side of things. You are short on time, and even though you are at home, where you could buy and prepare wholesome meals, you find it easier to pop up whenever you want, to buy fast food or unhealthy snacks. You are your own boss in most cases, and yes, you call the shots. This can be a tremendously freeing experience, and it can also cost you your health unless you show great discipline in setting up your work and fitness schedules.

Make Your Health the Number One Priority

I do not care about how much money you make or how big your work at home business seems to be growing, if you are unhealthy, you are simply too miserable to enjoy these things. Being overweight or susceptible to illness can make it difficult to enjoy your work at home gig, so you better make your health the number one priority in your life. When you plan your day from a place of getting in your exercise and making healthy diet choices first you are definitely on to something. Exercise can never be an afterthought, especially with the man temptations you will be faced with working at home. The television is only a remote control away and it can be much easier to flip on the cable than to go for a run.

Exercise First Thing in the Morning

Go for a walk, jog or run first thing in the morning to ensure that you get your exercise for the day. Aim for 30 to 45 minutes per exercise session to boost your resting heart rate, improve your cardiovascular health and burn calories. This will help you get past the lame, “too busy” excuse which plagues most online entrepreneurs. Get up 30 minutes earlier, and get in your exercise before you put it off. Be disciplined. Remember, your health matters most.

Go Shopping for Your Food

It can so much easier to develop a healthy lifestyle by setting aside 10 or 20 minutes to visit your local grocery store and pick up fresh fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and lean meats. Prepare your meals at home, to save yourself calories and a few extra dollars too. Set up a routine. Shop every few days to break away from your work at home and to also ensure that you will be buying fresh fruits and veggies, as some produce tends to spoil after a few days. Be discipline in maintaining this approach and you will look and feel better as your overall health improves.

Plan out some meals and make sure you have the ingredients handy; always have your pantry stocked with ingredients that can serve as a base for a number of healthy meals, such as potatoes, whole grain pastas, rice, legumes, soup stock, dried fruits and vegetables, and sauces.

Take Short and Frequent Breaks throughout the Day

This one is quite simple. Set an alarm clock to go off every 50 minutes. Get up, walk around for 5 or 10 minutes, and then return to your work. Much of your health is based on circulation, or movement, and it can be a challenge to keep moving when plunked down in front of a laptop all day long. Taking short and frequent breaks makes you get off your duff and move around, and it is never a bad thing for your health when you increase your blood flow and elevate your heart rate.

Use these tips to remain healthy while working at home today.

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