There is a buzz of activity surrounding biotech investors at present specifically in regards to weight loss pills like Qnexa, Belviq and Amerin. A key reasoning behind this is the fact that the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) in the United States is expected to find Qnexa and other weight reduction medication approved for use in the US.


Should this expected (and much anticipated) announcement come to fruition in the US it is likely to result in an application for approval in the EU.

Vivus shares are reportedly up by 24% (see The for full details) and have been experiencing huge fluctuations and short term peaks  predominantly because of a great deal of investor confidence that Qnexa will be approved for use in the US later in July 2012.

You may recall that April 2012 previously was set as a date for the Qnexa ruling however at that time a decision was taken to put back the decision date so that time could be taken to review the associated risk management plan for the weight loss drug with a view to assist in safer usage.

There is still speculation that the Qnexa ruling by the FDA may once again be back tracked however in many weight loss trials Qnexa has outperformed closest rivals so there is a logical amass of eager future potential users of this drug awaiting their own weight loss pills success story.

For those of you not looking to wait the outcome of the FDA ruling in July you may wish to find out your eligibility for any of the currently US and EU approved weight loss alternatives including Xenical (a drug known to function as a lipase inhibitor).

As with all weight loss medication it is important to seek out the potential for weight loss alternatives before pursuing this approach and to follow both a healthy diet and partake in regular exercise in line with instruction from your GP however, should this not be a successful avenue for you there are other options.

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