Your healthcare facility rates well when it comes to patient care. It seems as if your staff knows how to do a better than average job handling patients and keeping operations running smoothly. Unfortunately, your medical facility has had issues with theft, and you need a few ideas on how to prevent this from occurring.

Install Cameras

It never hurts to let people working at and visiting your medical facility think that you have a lot of surveillance taking place on the premises. Visible cameras can be a huge deterrent to theft. People who think you are watching what they do inside your medical facility will be more likely not to try something illegal.

Go over Inventory

It may seem like a lot of work, but regularly taking inventory is an important way to measure if things in your medical facility are coming up missing. When you actively take inventory and keep reports on your inventory, this also makes it difficult for someone to be stealing items important to the operation of your medical facility without your noticing. You even have to be careful who you allow to order supplies for your medical facility. Someone with that kind of authority may use their position to benefit themselves at your company’s expense.?

Watch Who You Hire

It can be difficult to find the right qualified person to fill openings in your medical facility that will not steal from your company. Using a company that does national medical license lookup on your behalf can save you loads of time narrowing down candidates. Running your own level-two background checks on potential candidates is never a bad idea either. You can learn a lot about someone through a look at what is contained in any police reports associated with their person.

Restrict Financial Information to a Single Computer

When you restrict your medical facilities financial information to being accessed by one computer in your business, this makes it easier to monitor how your employees are handling the financial health of your facility. You will always know that only those who have password access to this one computer will ultimately be accountable if something is not right with your company’s finances. Maintaining software that monitors everything done on this computer will help you to identify if one or more employees are involved in nefarious activities and messing around with your company’s finances in an inappropriate way.

When it comes to theft and fraud in your medical facility, you really must keep a careful eye on what your employees are doing. Most acts of theft and fraud in these types of companies are carried out by employees. So, it is important to never let your guard down, and to always be aware of how your employees are conducting business on your medical facilities behalf.

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