Do you worry a lot about small things? Feel anxiety about the things you don’t have control on? Neighbors making noise, kids using crackers outside your house, fear of losing job? You are not alone. There are millions of over-thinkers which exhaust themselves for no reason. Reddit, as you know, is the center of all the best advice coming from real people. Some experts on Reddit have shared some tips on how not to worry about small things, so I decided to do a summary of all those best threads and make a post for the anxiety-stricken overthinkers out there.

Why We Worry

First, you should know that worrying is an evolutionary phenomenon programmed in us over the course of millions of years. According to a Reddit user LighteningLife, our ancestors thought about nothing else other than surviving during the prehistoric age, thousands of years ago. The Reddit user says that his wife used to ask him how come he never worried about anything. Here’s his advice.

The Simple Forumla To Stop Worrying

Whenever you feel worried about something, ask yourselves that can you control this situation you are in? If you can’t, then stop thinking about it.

The second most important thing is that you should never think about an outcome which is not likely. Use some probability for heaven’s sake! What are the odds that the plane you are boarding will crash? One in a hundred thousand. So relax, ask for a drink, put on the headphones and watch that episode of your favorite TV series.

Keep asking yourselves the above questions. The more you scrutinize you irrational thoughts, the calmer you will get.

Cut the Root Cause

Here is the permanent solution to your worries: just find out the real cause and trigger of your worries and get rid of that. If thinking about going to your office on Sunday evening gives you cold sweats, this is a clear sign that you are in a toxic job. Start searching for an alternative. If your relationship worries you, let it go and move on with your life. Life’s short, make it worth your time and effort and don’t exhaust yourselves.

Let’s focus on small things that wear us down daily. A Reddit user named BigAngryDinosaur shared some remarkable tips to get rid of bad thoughts and feeling better.

What Went Wrong

First, just sit back, relax and think about the last time you were happy. Think and ponder over the digression which led to the constant worrying. Think what little steps you can take to go back to that path of happiness. For example, in case of this Reddior, it was the time when he shifted to a household, which was inundated with alcoholic, useless people.

Scrutinize Your Thoughts, Make Lists

Make lists. List down the bad things which make you unhappy. List down your wishes, your goals and things you think would make you happy. These lists will help you analyze your thoughts. Trust me, when you jot down your worries, you find out that it’s nothing. It’s mostly irrational thoughts and you will laugh on yourself.

Greatness from Small Beginnings

When we delay and procrastinate, the work keeps piling up and we end up doing nothing and worried. For example. I am a super lazy person and the my messy room, laundry and undone work stress me out. This is a big trigger of my worries.

No Big Plans, Just that First Step!

In order to handle that, just take small steps. Please! Never plan to clean all the apartment by yourselves. Just start from that table, that sofa or making your bed. If you have a lot of work to do or assignments to complete, just start from once sentence, or one line of code. Don’t ever bother making big plans and burdening your brain.

Just 30 Minutes

Force yourself to sit down for 30 minutes, fully focused, no Facebook, and start doing what is to be done. You will feel that after 30 minutes, when some of the work has been done, you will feel good.

Exercise Until You are No More!

Another overthinker of Reddit shared a great yet simple tip to avoid worries and got more than 1000 up points. The trick is: do exercise until you get completely exhausted. Seriously, this works. Whenever I am feeling bad, I go for a 5Km run and when I get back, I feel so tired and good that I sleep like a baby and wakeup fresh and motivated.

See Your Silly Thoughs on Cosmological Scale

A Redditor puts worrying in perspective and shares his experience when he took some medicine. While I won’t recommend that medicine, I will share his experience so that you know that your small worries will make you feel regret. In this life, you have to move on and let go of small worries. This is easier said than done. But you can stop worrying when you feel the gigantic, cosmological scale of the universe we are living in. Read this and feel it:

I fell into a kaleidoscope universe of color and patterns, where I suddenly grasped – utterly grasped – the concept of Om. All space and negative space are one in this universe. My body is merely energy in a solid form, and as such, I am part of the universe and the universe is me. There is no sin, no heaven, no hell – my consciousness expanded until I could see the all of what exists, and much that does not yet, or does not anymore. Spiraling galaxies are just analogues of the nerve clusters in our brains, and all matter is energy. Sex is transfer of energy, both from without and within…

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